4.8 5 0 50 50 Aceite facial equilibrante liviano con el poder del árbol del té para ayudar a reducir la aparición de manchas, poros dilatados y otras imperfecciones.
Aceite Equilibrante Escualano + Árbol del Té de Biossance™
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I never have used any kind of oils. So I don't know nothing about them. I'm not a big fan of any kind of oils. But i.do.put tree oil in my daughter's shampoo because its a repellent.
Me encantaría probar este producto se ve interesante
I would really like to try a sample of this product, thanks!
I would be very interested in trying this product. I'm always happy to try products for my skin and especially my face
I wonder if its better than the store brand or if it's the same

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