Acelerador de fragancia Arm & Hammer In-Wash paraíso tropical

4.6 5 0 231 231 Esta fragancia fresca de sol tropical comienza con una deliciosa mezcla de flores afrutadas maduradas por el sol mientras que los cítricos vibrantes brillan. Una suave y cálida brisa tropical deja una estela duradera de frescura. <li> Desodorización más frescura duradera <li> Frescura revitalizante y duradera más bicarbonato de sodio ARM & HAMMER puro <li> Agréguelo a su lavadora antes de la ropa para una experiencia de lavado fresca y aromática <li> Compatible con HE <li> Seguro para todos los colores, tejidos lavables y tipos de carga </li>
Acelerador de fragancia Arm & Hammer In-Wash paraíso tropical


Odd Smell
Arm and Hammer could do better, in my opinion. I cannot explain the scent but it’s off putting. I do love Arm and Hammer detergent. Maybe they should go back to the drawing board regarding scent boosters.
Love It
I love these scent boosters. I've tried several different scents and I honestly haven't found one that I didn't like. The only reason I gave it 4 stars os cause the scent doesn't last on ur clothes once you take them out of the dryer like other brands do thats my only problem with these ones
Great scent!
Switched to this product! Love the smell- sweet and fresh. Long-lasting is a plus too!
Smells good!
But doesn't last. It's ca bit cheaper, though I'd try, won't buy again. Doesn't leave fabric any softer than without.
Good stuff, smells great and scent stays
Smells good
Loved the smell. It definitely makes your clothes smell amazing
Love the scent added to wash
There's nothing better than a fresh load of laundry that smells great when taking it from the washer to dryer. Once dry the laundry still smells great and last until its time to wash again.
Love love love
I bought this product a week ago to help freshen up my cloths. I’ve tried the unstoppables and arm and hammer works just as good for half the price! My cloths come out smelling so fresh and it last awhile so give this brand a try to save some $ you won’t regret it!
Can't beat it !
Exceeds expectations especially for the price in my opinion!
NOT GOOD…Sooooo much better than good!
Who doesn’t love pulling a blanket from last winter out of the linen closet and having it smell like you just washed it? I just wish that they came with more in the bottle.
Me encanta
El olor la fragancia son mis favoritas de este producto lo recomiendo es una buena opción.
Works as should
I can not do laundry without putting some sort of scent booster in however I feel as though my regular Fabric softners do as well as this does. I have used it numerous times and unless I overuse I haven't had much luck with a scent. I love my laundry to smell good so I used a half of a bottle and I could smell it but I shouldn't have had to use that much. It does work.
the scent is nice
I really enjot these scent boosters, but the bottle does not last as long as I would like it to. I wish that there are fall scents like cinnamon and vanilla. I would buy these again and affordable.
Game changer
Absolutely love this! Def on my list now when i go shopping!
Smells amazing!!!
I have to say I usually get the Lavender scent but I'm actually glad they were out of my usual scent so that way I had to try a different scent at the time. My clothes smelled very nice and I love the fruity scent. So happy I tried this one.

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