4.6 5 0 11 11 Una rica fórmula que deja el cabello manejable y suave, al mismo tiempo que proporciona un acabado suave, brillante y sin frizz.
Acondicionador suave de cristales líquidos de Drybar
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This conditioner is awesome. Makes my hair feel healthy and bouncy.
I'm SOOOOOOO in LOVE with this DryBar Liquid Glass Smoothing Conditioner!!! After using the matching Shampoo~ I applied the Conditioner & couldn't believe the results. My hair's soft~ silky~ frizz free & shining in a way that I've never seen before!! ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!!
Just didn’t like the smell
I couldn’t get past the smell! Sometimes it’s hit or miss with this company and its products.
best for dry hair
i use this shampoo and my dry hair become very soft and moisturized ,now i use this product on my daily basis .
New Favorite!
I use this product as my daily shampoo/ conditioner. I love the smell (it keeps my hair smelling good all day) and I love the way that it adds shine as well as makes my hair feel soft and smooth. I have thick wavy hair that has been horribly greasy and nothing seemed to help, until drybar!
I really like this product. I use it not only on my glass furniture, but on windows and mirrors. It works fantastically!
Oh my God this hair conditioner from Dry Bar is making my hair heavenly smooth and shiny! I love that my hair look and feel healthy. It does not weight down my hair. I recommend it!
Hair Like Glass
I love Liquid Glass Conditioner. It literally left my hair so smooth and shiny that it reminded me of a piece of glass.
Thick hair approves
Not only does it smell great but it left my hair manageable
Excelente para controlar el frizz
Su aroma es muy agradable y deja el cabello suave y con un brillo natural y manejable y el precio es justo 😍
DryBar Liquid Glass Conditioner
The is very good when you use it after using Dry Bar Liquid Shampoo for it contains vegan keratan a protein that helps in moisturizing the hair and smooths and helps prevents frizz has no parabens, no sulfates, no phthalates and smells like a blend of coconut, vanilla and amber

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