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The smell is phenomenal and the product works amazing! They have other scents and the refills are convenient!
Love this stuff!!
This stuff smells so good and leaves that good smell behind wherever you clean with it. You didn’t even have to scrub. Everything came off so Easy after a couple of squirts.
Love it
Love everything about it You it smells amazing I even have my family buying it too
Awesome cleaner
Really amazed at how effective this cleaner is..has a great scent and was able to just wipe most surfaces after spraying without having to scrub
Great cleaning power
Mr. Clean® Clean Freak Mist with Wild Flower is one of the best cleaners that I have used. It has simple to use spray top and makes it simple to clean even tough messes the first time
Best cleaning product i have ever used.
I loved this product!! It is now very hard for me to purchase any type of other cleaning liquid
Mr clean
Love the smell and the long lasting spray.. always trusted mr clean for my cleaning
Love Anything Mr. Clean
Ever since Mr. Clean came out with magic erasers I’ve been excited to try any new product they came out with and I love this! It cleans wonderfully and has a nice smell. I highly recommend it!
Clean freak
this product definitely clean very well. This product reminds me of other products from mr. Clean. But unlike them scent is very homey. No improvements I was overall satisfied.
Mr clean clean Freak
Mr Clean Clean Freak is amazing!!! It's truly a all in one cleaner. It works great in the kitchen clean freak even cleans stainless steel appliances. Clean Freak also works in the bathroom, it does a great job of cleaning showers and tubs. The scent is great as well. I would recommend Mr Clean Clean Freak to everyone.
Great cleaning product
First of all the spray!!!! At first use I thought it was pressurized, cause it just went on.. Second, it does not have the bleach smell. I can use this every day and will not get tired of it.
Mr.clean works
I love this product or works great Especially on my kitchen where my kids leave some of there biggest messes
I tried the lemon scent
I have not tried this scent. I have only tried the lemon scent one and i loved it ! It was great and smelled fantastic! I thought it was a great product and i would have loved to try this scent. But, the one i used i would definitely recommend and buy this product again!
Smell good
I really liked this product and I trust the brand. I didn’t hesitate to purchase this when I saw it in the store and it did not disappoint. Works great for this clean freak!!
Mr. Clean Never Disappoints
Cleans like Bleach without the harsh smell and WITHOUT BLEACH! Left my bathroom sparkling! Highly recommend!

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