4.6 5 0 237 237 Especialmente formulada para la piel grasa, ofrece una limpieza integral para un rostro más fresco en cualquier momento y lugar.
Agua micelar de limpieza con carbón Biore Cleansing Micellar Water
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Cleans Better Than Anything
I Love This Product!!! Nothing Cleans Better or Deeper Down Than This Product. I Loved the Clean So Much I Used it on My Entire Body, I've Never Felt So Clean. Its Amazing
Great cleanser
I've used this product regularly for about a year now, continually buying new bottles when I run out. It cleans my face SO well and makes me feel smooth and clean. I don't even want to try other products.
Wipes away makeup
This is by far one of my favorite micellar water this effortlessly wipes away makeup in one wipe you don't have to apply pressure to get rid of all the makeup. I uses this as a daily cleanser to help with my acne and it works perfectly
In love
I absolutely love this product. It removes my makeup with ease. It doesn't take a lot of product either.
Love the fresh clean feel, would recommend
I love the fresh clean feeling after using this and the fact that its easy on all skin types, I have dry skin, my husband has oily skin and my teen has combination/sensitive and we can all 3 use so not having to buy multiple products for the same purpose is great.
Clean face!!!!
I bought this because I love ❤ biore products and this its a chart 📊 topper. It clraned my face so much better than any if the other products I have ever tried. I wouod so recommend this product.
Its fine
I used this. It gave a cool sensation on my face which wasn't pleasant if the weather is cold. Nothing special i felt after usi ng it. Nor any disadvantage.
Love this product!
I have used the Biore` face scrub off and on. Started using the micellar water a few months ago and I am very happy with this product. Cleans completely using pads (not cotton balls). Proof is on the second pad after using my toner. Nothing to show. Truly no need to rinse. I'm impressed!!!
I love Biore! This is amazing cleanser, I’m always in search for new cleanser for my face and this totally surprised me! It’s affordable, works well, not oily and works perfectly on my face and I have prett sensitive skin. I’d recommend it!
Does the job.
Bought this because I'm a big fan of charcoal products. It definitely does the job by removing make up and making my face feel clean. I like that it doesn't leave my face feeling greasy but I don't like that it does dry my face just a little bit. Definitely need to apply moisturizer after using this.
Micellar water
I normally use this as a makeup remover and facial cleanser . I apply the micellar water on a cotton pad and apply it gently , in rubbing motions , to the areas I want removed . I noticed that the micellar water took the makeup off quickly without a trace . After using this product , I conclude it works wonders
Quality Micellar Water!
Overall, this product does the job it is expected to and it does it very well. It also does not leave any greasy residue on my face after cleaning. I would recommend this product because it is effective and does its job.
I have oily skin still at the age of 50...I love how this makes my skin feel so fresh and clean.
Love! Love! Love!
I love this product! I tried it once on a whim and I fell in love with it! I have incredibly oily skin and ever since I tried this and added it to my skincare routine, it has drastically diminished the amount of oil and how often the oil appears! All of that WITHOUT drying my skin!
It's very gentil on my skin, I have sensitive skin an dry to combination,it works like a charm!

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