Anticaspa Sin Parabenos 2 En 1 Manzana Verde

4.6 5 0 16 16 Saluda a tu producto básico favorito para la ducha diaria: Green Apple 2-in-1 de Head & Shoulders. Al combinar una poderosa protección contra las escamas, la picazón, la grasa y la sequedad* con una fórmula de pH balanceado que es lo suficientemente suave para el uso diario, Green Apple 2 en 1 asegura que su cuero cabelludo se sienta limpio y saludable y que sus mechones brillen. Con un aroma fresco a manzana verde, Green Apple 2-in-1 limpia y acondiciona el cabello a la vez para una mejor experiencia en la ducha. *con el uso regular El uso regular de los productos anticaspa de Head & Shoulders nutre el cuero cabelludo
Anticaspa Sin Parabenos 2 En 1 Manzana Verde


This works wonders
I’ve been using head and shoulders since I was 14, I’m 20 now and the shampoo and conditioner still works it’s magic the way it did from day one.
Works good
Temporarily gets rid of flakes. It does better once it’s used frequently. I liked the smell. Most dandruff shampoos have a chemical smell, but this is refreshing.
Smells amazing!
The Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner smell amazing!! Sometimes on really long days when I don't have time or I'm too tired to reach for individual shampoo and conditioner, I'll reach for this. It's their best scent and I'm glad to have it in my shower. We've used this for several years now in all available sizes. Definitely, something to keep in the shower for those long days when you just want to use something short, simple, and effective. As for the dandruff-controlling aspect of it, my husband uses this and says it's effective without drying out your hair or scalp. Can be used regularly.
Head and shoulders
Works great I always use this brand and I never have dandruff anymore won’t purchase anything but this. It’s an amazing product just love it!
This 2in1 shampoo/conditioner not only smells amazing, but it works great at cleansing the hair and leaving it feel clean and fresh! I would definitely recommend!
Work's like magic!
We love the apple smell! This stuff really does work! I even wash my face with it and it helps my acne tremendously! I highly recommend using this for itchy and dry scalps.
Love the smell...
this shampoo ain't no joke it works wonders with flakes and dry scalp and also it lathers up really well and your hair is softer and manageable afterwards and the lather and smell are great and the shampoo is hard to get sometimes in NE michigan.
Head and Shoulders
My son Loved the Apple Head and Shoulders shampoo, The smell of the green apple made his hair smell so good and his dandruff disappeared the very next day.
Head and shoulders shampoo
This is one of the products I have tried in the past. I will buy it again. Makes your hair feel clean and soft. Definitely recommend!
Love it, smells good
One of the shampoo’s I use and I love it. Love the smell. Makes my hair feel clean and soft. I definitely recommend.
Best smell ever!
This dandruff shampoo works very well. It seriously smells the best of any shampoo or conditioner I've ever used! It rinses clean and is easy to apply and lather up. It takes quite a bit of the shampoo to get a really solid lather. I really have to use a lot to completely cover all my hair and also scrub it into my scalp when I have dandruff and am working to remove and prevent it. I also find myself using it at least twice per shower because the first use of Head & Shoulders 2-in-1 Green Apple doesn't lather as much as the second. This makes me think I am not able to get rid of all of my flakes with only one lathering. I actually have no issue doing it twice because the apple smell is so amazing! This 2-in-1 formula is moisturizing, and it does an effective job of preventing future flakes.
Smells good
I have an oily scalp and have to use head and shoulders a few times a week. This Apple one was a nice change up as it left my hair smelling fruity vs a chemical smell.
Head & Shoulders
If you have dry scalp or dandruff, definitely give this option a try. I found it to be very effective in eliminating dandruff and flakes, and the green apple smell is very appealing.
Love this!
This smells nothing like the original! It has a delicate fruity smell without smelling like medicine! Cleaned my hair and definitely helped clear the dandruff! Incredible!
Good antidandruff option
Good option for cleaning dandruff . But they makes hair dry and rough . They don't have other conditioning option. Does not comes with conditioner. Smells good

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