Anticaspa Sin Parabenos 2 En 1 Manzana Verde

4.5 5 0 30 30 Saluda a tu producto básico favorito para la ducha diaria: Green Apple 2-in-1 de Head & Shoulders. Al combinar una poderosa protección contra las escamas, la picazón, la grasa y la sequedad* con una fórmula de pH balanceado que es lo suficientemente suave para el uso diario, Green Apple 2 en 1 asegura que su cuero cabelludo se sienta limpio y saludable y que sus mechones brillen. Con un aroma fresco a manzana verde, Green Apple 2-in-1 limpia y acondiciona el cabello a la vez para una mejor experiencia en la ducha. *con el uso regular El uso regular de los productos anticaspa de Head & Shoulders nutre el cuero cabelludo
Anticaspa Sin Parabenos 2 En 1 Manzana Verde


Works Well
I love Head and Shoulders. This one smells good and works well. It's a nice apple scent. I do prefer the original best though.
Great Product!
I recently started using the Head & Shoulders Soothing Hydration Shampoo and I was very impressed with this product even after my first use! This shampoo effectively eliminates dandruff/flakes from my scalp while also hydrating my scalp (without looking greasy or oily- but hydrating in a manner where the dandruff is clearing up). I will continue to use this product and definitely would recommend it to others!
Smells great
Head & Shoulders have always been my go to for anti-dandruff and was a pleasant surprise when I found out they made a Green Apple scent! Love it.
Smell perfect
I was very happy with this scent and the after affects as well will purchase this again
Not only does it help control my dandruff it makes my hair feel so soft. The smell is nice and refreshing also. I think it is perfect just as it is and I have recommended it to everyone I know i
Apple flavor Head and Shoulders
Nice smell and worked well. I also like the cherry blossom flavor.
Smells great but my hair was a mess
I love the smell of this product, and it did help my dry scalp a little bit. I would say I have a really dry scalp so this helped relieve this a bit. However, the product does nothing for anything else and my hair was left brittle, frizzy and it wasn't smooth.
Makes my hair feel clean and fresh
My scalp gets dry from time to time and I love to use this shampoo .I like the smell it's very refreshing.i would recommend .I like it the way it is
Works great
Makes hair smooth feels amazing and actually has a good smell and last for a few days
I bought this because I have dry scalp. It seemed to clump up in my hair and left a weird feeling film behind. I didn’t find it very moisturizing and my scalp was still dry and itchy.
Love it!!! Smells amazing, & cleans my hair Soo good, doesn't dry out!!!
Product works well for dandruff, leaves hair fluffy and clean and smells great
Boring, but useful
Yes, I know that this is a boring product, but it is super useful for the gym or the pool, because 2-in-1 products save you time and get you out the door fast. And everyone can benefit from at least a once-weekly use of Head & Shoulders, in my opinion, even if you don't think you have a lot of dandruff. It's preventative care. The only thing I don't love is the "green apple" scent, which is not appealing to my nose. The reason why it doesn't stop me from using this product is that I use fragranced hair leave-in products, which have a much stronger scent that I prefer anyway.
Works Awesome!
I was skeptical and almost hit up a store to buy my shampoo because of some of these reviews about the formula being altered but this is normal and great as expected from this shampoo! You don't have to have dandruff to use this. I use it couple times a week just to get cleanse my hair. It also leaves my hair shiny and feeling renewed! I love the smell and a little bit goes a long ways! Highly recommend!
This works wonders
I’ve been using head and shoulders since I was 14, I’m 20 now and the shampoo and conditioner still works it’s magic the way it did from day one.

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