4.8 5 0 171 171 Ungüento curativo terapia avanzada recomendado por dermatólogos para piel seca, agrietada o irritada. Su punta de espuma suave permite el uso cómodo sin sensación grasosa.
Aquaphor Healing Ointment
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Would recommend!
Last year, I had dry, flaky, red skin from my Ezcema, and so I tried this product. I used Aquaphor daily, morning to night, and my skin healed up pretty quickly within the first few days; however, it came back again later :(. I do not believe it was because of this product, but I would recommend this to others. Some cons are that the product was greasy and made my skin constantly look "wet' or"greasy" and lots of people did notice it. 4/5 stars.
This is an OK product. Why I think this is a good product to have around is because sometimes your skin needs a good barrier on it to retain moisture to heal. This is not going to help you heal faster in anyway but it can help you create a good area for your skin to heal naturally. This never worked on my lips to help with chapped lips so if it can’t help with that then it’s definitely not gonna give you the moisture you need. I think a product like this was created to use to retain the moisture there and to create a barrier from outside bacteria‘s or whatever it may be to get into an open wound. People say to put this on tattoos and piercings when you get them done but any good tattoo or piercing artist will tell you not to use this and to let your skin heal on its own. Use this product if you feel like using it but anyone who understands skin is going to tell you to let your skin heal on its own and do what it does naturally.
Saved my burned skin
In Aug. my generator blew up and I was burned bad on 30 percent of my body. The burn hospital used aquaphor with my bandages and I am still doing so at my home. It keeps my skin moisturized, works great as a glue for the bandages, and it seems to keep the blisters moist enough to heal, I'm using it on arms, leg, hands, head and face. Easy to wash off with no residue left on skin. I will continue to use throughout my healing process.
Fantastic product
I have been using Aquaphor now for the last 7 years, first for my son and now for my baby girl. It heals diaper rash,minor scratches, dry skin ... almost any minor skin condition, sometimes I use it in fall and winter on my face too ! It's a one stop shop kind of product, love it!
Sticky and heavy
I'm not an Aquaphor fan. Aquaphor is, in my opinion, overpriced Vaseline with a weird smell (and taste, referring to the Aquaphor Lip Repair ointment). It doesn't absorb into the skin, no matter how little I use, and it is difficult to wash off my hands. I understand how people with severely dry skin could benefit from Aquaphor ointment, but it's not for me.
Great for tattoos
Use this product for ever tattoo I get. They make a mini size and spray that are perfect for your purse and for those hard to reach places like your back ;)
I’ve always loved this. I like to keep a tube in my purse because it works great on dry lips. Its also a really good cream to put on a new, healing tattoo! It comes in handy and is very moisturizing!
Very soft
I use this mostly on my son, I've used it also on my dry hands. It's very hydrating. It's great for dry skin as well as irritated skin.
Ideal product
Aquafore Healing Ointment is our families go to product whenever there’s an injury or burn. It is non oily and very soothing on wounds. We use it while a scab is healing as well and we never seem to get scars. We blame it on the Aquafore.
I LOVE IT! This truly works miracles. You can use it almost for everything. It works wonders for diaper rash and it is amazing for my babies eczema. After one use you can see the difference and improvement in their skin condition. I will highly recommend it to anybody! I love to use for my dry,cracked hands.
Best Ointment Ever
I've been using Aquaphor Healing Ointment for many years. It is simply the BEST. It's wonderful on your lips, cuticles, dry/cracked feet, elbows, and dry patches on your face and body. It's incredibly gentle, non-irritating and restorative and healing to the skin. I highly recommend it! I will NEVER stop using this product!!!
Holy grail for diaper rashes!
I LOVE this product! My baby’s bum had a really bad rash and all diaper rash creams I tried worsened the rash. This was the only cream/ointment that worked to heal his rashes! I’ve been using this product for almost 2 years now and it continues to amaze me! Highly recommend!!
Great for the slug life.
I use this to shield irritated skin,keep cuts and other small injuries moist to help reduce scaring (don't use on burns)and on my face at night as an occlusive layer to help keep my easily dehydrated skin from losing water.
Aquaphor Ointment
I liked how thick this ointment is, and how well it stays on skin. It does help heal the skin, and worked great on my cracked skin. It helps protect the skin, while keeping clean and moisturized, while it has a chance to heal.
Great for feet
This is a great product for feet. I have dry rough feet espesially in the summer. This brand works so well with smoothing my skin and hydrating it back to life. I can literally feel the intense softness in my feet.

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