Bañera Baby Patent Aquascale 3 en 1 la próxima generación

4.6 5 0 19 19 El AquaScale de próxima generación de Baby Patent es una bañera infantil 3 en 1, una báscula digital precisa y un termómetro de agua, ¡todo en uno! Registra el peso preciso de su bebé, mientras realiza ajustes para el agua y el movimiento. El termómetro incorporado monitorea automáticamente la temperatura del agua para garantizar que el bebé esté cómodo, lo que le permite realizar los ajustes necesarios en la temperatura del agua. La forma ergonómica única especialmente diseñada de la bañera, junto con una función antideslizante, ha sido creada para mantener a los bebés de hasta seis meses en la posición perfecta para bañarse. Una vez que su bebé ha aprendido a sentarse, la bañera para bebés se convierte fácilmente en una bañera para niños pequeños, con capacidad para niños de hasta dos años de edad. Disponible en blanco.
Bañera Baby Patent Aquascale 3 en 1 la próxima generación


Buena opción
Es cómoda y fácil de usar, el baño del bb es más fácil y práctico.. la recomiendo 👌
Baby tub
Just purchased this last week I remember having this with my first born and second, so when I had my third it was definitely a no brained to purchase! It is a bit pricy but it’s worth the price it tells you exactly what the water temperature is and how much your baby weighs although I think the weight thing is a bit off or maybe it’s just mine. Other than that definitely recommend this product !
Che dire un ottima innovazione
Che dire un ottima innovazione per fare il bagno ai neonati, ci puoi fare più cose contemporaneamente, davvero uno spettacolo, la consiglio certamente
For the great grand
Where were these when my kids were born? Oh, yeah, that was so far back all we knew was "bath them in the sink". Bought this for the great grand and she absolutely loved it.
Love it
My one year old still uses this, he loves it so much. My husband an I also love it to bec we can see how hot the water is an everythinf
Amazing bathtub!!
It’s been a game changer for us! It’s the perfect shape for my baby to relax in without me having to worry about him slipping or anything like that. Very safe and surprisingly lightweight
Good Bathtu
I purchased this since I was unsure of what the correct temperature of water I needed for my baby. I was always afraid I would get it to hot. The thermometer works great but it takes up a lot of room asd I am limited on space since I only have a shower and not a tub.
Love it
Great product I would definitely recommend. It does exactly what it’s intended to do. And the label doesn’t lie. I couldn’t think of anyway to change anything about it it’s pre much perfect.
Baby Shower Gift
I bought this as a baby shower gift for my niece. She has nothing but great things to say about this.
Purchased for my sister
I ordered this for my sister as it was on her registry. She loves it! My nephew's weight was going down for a few weeks and she was able to catch on right away and inform the doctors and get him sorted. I would definitely say it was worth the purchase.
Temperature can take time to register
I'm not sure I trust that the temperature is always right with this bathtub. I usually double check it with a meat thermometer just to make sure. I find that if I give it 5 minutes it registers correctly, but who has 5 minutes?! Otherwise, I love the ease of weighing baby while bathing them.
I would love to try this one, it would be great to try things out for the first time.
Would love to have my grandchildren to try this out he arrives next in September.
My baby really needs on it would be a lot better then a box I really am in desperate need of one
I have a baby due in dec or jan with this life would wood be a little easy on them

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