4.6 5 0 101 101 Esta nueva barra de belleza Dove combina los beneficios de limpieza del agua micelar con la nutrición de Dove.
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Uno de los mejores marcas lo uso diario al igual que sus cremas me fascinan me ayudan a que no me de tanto acne. lo recomiendo 100 por 100
Muy hidratante!!
Este jabon en barra es muy bueno, debido a su consistencia cremosa deja la piel muy suave e hidratada, tengo piel extremadamente seca y me ha ayudado a mantenerla hidratada, excelente producto.
Love this soap!
I have very sensitive skin! This soap was PERFECT for me. I loved the smell and it did not irritate my skin. My new go to!
Love Dove
I personally didn't feel or see a difference in this Dove compared to other Doves for how it works. I haven't tried a Dove bar I didn't like. Its a great brand but I wilk stick to the original.
Dove overall has some of the best products I have ever tried this beauty bar smells and feels good on my skin.
No difference
I tried this and I didn't notice any difference with my stress. I love dove soap otherwise.
Dove Beauty Bar
I have sensitive skin but Dove Beauty Bar works fine for me. It is also easy to bring when I travel since it isn't a liquid. it is very gentle & lathers nicely. Best soap ever. I have very sensitive skin. Most soaps make my skin burn, but not this one. It's really gentle and smells nice
Great Product
This is a great product, it keeps my skin nice and smooth once fully rinsed.
Muy bueno cremodo, deja la piel reca y suabe ............
Mini Vacation in the Shower
I am always play the role of skeptic when I try a new product. This is a luxurious product that appeals to the touch and smell senses. Lots of creamy frothy foamy lather, rinses clean and leaves no film on the skin. It's like a mini vacation in the shower.
Es muy bueno ya que tiene un hidratante para la piel muy bueno ademas que huele muy rico
Doesn’t dry face
Great product! It removes all my makeup, even the water resistant sunblock I wear that is hard to remove. I get it all off with 🕊 and a microfiber cloth. I haven't tried it on the eye area and I wouldn't recommend that. I expected it to leave my very sensitive skin dry and irritated but it didn't. I don't have any redness after cleansing either. The only thing I don't like is the heavy fragrance. It's not unpleasant but it's too strong. It reminds me of frankincense somewhat. I left an unboxed bar in my lingerie drawer and it leaves a lovely aroma.
Beautiful clean skin!
I found this amazing little wonder bar that takes away the stress. I turned my mind off to the world & took a nice long hot bubble bath using this beauty bar. It was amazing! I was so relaxed and enjoying life. It smelled amazing. Made me feel like a million bucks!
Feeling Pampered
I was at my local CVS store, looking at bars of soap when I saw this new product from Dove. I buy & use Dove soap anyway, so I thought I'd try this new Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty bar, package of 6. What I like is that this has a mild, gentle formula that can be used on my face & body! It leaves my skin feeling really clean, and moisturized. I almost always use Bar Soap, but this is also available in a Body Wash formula too, which is perfect because now my teenaged daughter has her own!
My skin feels great
I love this bar soap, my skin feels amazing after a shower and feels nice all day. I'll definitely add this soap to my regular routine.

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