4.6 5 0 80 80 Esta nueva barra de belleza Dove combina los beneficios de limpieza del agua micelar con la nutrición de Dove.
Barra de belleza Micelar Anti-Stress de Dove
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Doesn’t dry face
Great product! It removes all my makeup, even the water resistant sunblock I wear that is hard to remove. I get it all off with 🕊 and a microfiber cloth. I haven't tried it on the eye area and I wouldn't recommend that. I expected it to leave my very sensitive skin dry and irritated but it didn't. I don't have any redness after cleansing either. The only thing I don't like is the heavy fragrance. It's not unpleasant but it's too strong. It reminds me of frankincense somewhat. I left an unboxed bar in my lingerie drawer and it leaves a lovely aroma.
Beautiful clean skin!
I found this amazing little wonder bar that takes away the stress. I turned my mind off to the world & took a nice long hot bubble bath using this beauty bar. It was amazing! I was so relaxed and enjoying life. It smelled amazing. Made me feel like a million bucks!
Feeling Pampered
I was at my local CVS store, looking at bars of soap when I saw this new product from Dove. I buy & use Dove soap anyway, so I thought I'd try this new Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty bar, package of 6. What I like is that this has a mild, gentle formula that can be used on my face & body! It leaves my skin feeling really clean, and moisturized. I almost always use Bar Soap, but this is also available in a Body Wash formula too, which is perfect because now my teenaged daughter has her own!
My skin feels great
I love this bar soap, my skin feels amazing after a shower and feels nice all day. I'll definitely add this soap to my regular routine.
Like this
This is a very good product I like this it has helped me out my body feels gr8 after I use it
Great !!!!!!! Does not dry out your skin and my is very dry.
Stress-Free Clean
I had coupons for this product and managed to catch it on sale at my local DG. 😃 You will definitely experience a stress-free clean with Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Bar!
Love love dove
Well I always use dove bars but my husband picked this one by mistake and now this is my favorite bar of soap. There is no grime or soap build on my skin and this is super important... I will buy this again thanks dove
My new favorite beauty bar!
I've tried many different types of soaps/beauty bars in the past but most of them leave my skin feeling dry. The Dove Micellar Anti Stress Beauty Bar is completely different. It always makes me feel clean and relaxed with zero residue left on my skin. Also, it doesn't dry out my skin. Wonderful product!
love it
i love this soap its a must have in my household amazinggg
New Dove Miscellar
This soap has a different lather and texture and I would highly recommend this product. If you can spare the extra funds this is really a product to buy and try. I will definitely be purchasing more in the very near future.
Los Dove son unos de los mejores productos personales se siente la calidad y la hidratacion
Great beauty bar...
This beauty bar by Dove is fabulous! It works great!
My go to soap
I only buy dove soap because I have sensitive skin. I used to get rashes from other soaps but this one is by far the best. Good fragrance as well
nothing special
I bought this soap on a whim and because I use micellar water for my face, I figured this soap must be an awesome combination. Well, its really just regular soap as far as I'm concerned. I was a bit disappointed that it doesn't have the same scent that traditional dove does, and I really do not like the smell very much. It does a good job cleaning and doesn't leave a residue behind, and it still very gentle. My entire family uses it and has no problems. It lathers nicely, and actually might last longer than traditional dove with moisturizer. For that reason alone, Id buy it again, but if the scent was changed or offered more options- id gladly switch to this bar exclusively.

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