4.6 5 0 80 80 Esta nueva barra de belleza Dove combina los beneficios de limpieza del agua micelar con la nutrición de Dove.
Barra de belleza Micelar Anti-Stress de Dove
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Dove is my number one product for anything skin. So when I seen this new anti-stress bar soap I was more then happy to see what it was about. Made my shower a little more relaxing with a fress clean smell and a soft and smooth results.
Dove is a classic brand I am using for years now! My whole family loves Dove. The Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty Bar is innovating product, it makes my feel relaxed every time I use it!
I thought the dove micellar anti-stress beauty bar and I wasn’t much a fan due it it making my skin dry although the smell was great wasn’t satisfied
My "new" favorite Dove soap!
I love the lightly scented, gentle but cleansing soap bar! This bar of soap is now my favorite. My skin feels soft but also clean after using this light and cleansing soap. This soap is for us who like to feel clean but soft with no sticky feeling.
Love Dove
I absolutely love dove soap! I've tried other soaps before but they tend to make my skin feel sticky when I get out the shower. That's why I always purchase Dove and once I saw this new one I did not hesitate to try it. It definitely left my skin silky smooth and it has an amazing fragrance.
Muy bueno
Muy rico su suavidad y su aroma me encanta . Lo recomendé a mis amistades y les gusto mucho
Beauty Bar
The women in my family has used Dove Soap for as long as I can remember. It's what my Mom used to bathe us girls in when we were younger. So that's the only soap I've known to use. Since trying Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty Bar, it's the only fragrance from the Dove line that I've been purchasing. It smells so amazing. I feel like a brand new woman after bathing with it. Leaves my skin feeling silky soft, and refreshing.
New fave!
I have been a Dove user for years now. My bathing staple is the cucumber soap, I have been using it for years but after trying this, I think I have to switch. I love the scent, I feel refreshed after using it and it leaves my skin soft and silky.
Dove Micellar Anti-Stress Beauty Bar
I love Dove. I’ve used every soap offered. This one by far is my most favorite.
I love anything Dove, and this soap is awesome. it makes me look forward to my me time.
Dove micellar anti-stress beauty bar!
Dove is the only soap my family and I use. We have extremely sensitive skin and we have been able to use every kind of soap by dove without having any issues. Our favorite right now is the micellar anti-stress it smells lovely and you really get that clean feel without the soap feeling like its still on you after rinsing. It also really helps psoriasis/eczema skin issues, without us having to use any prescription soaps or lotions. I absolutely love dove and recommend it for EVERYONE.
Dove anti stress soap bar
Very good at cleaning and leaving my skin fresh and invigorated but did not relieve any stress
I tried this si i like it, nice size, no expensive, excellent smell.
Smells so good!
Dove has the best body soaps of all and this bar is no different. It lathers really well and smells extremely good!
Dove, Dove, Dove!
I have used Dove as long as I can remember, even a child I remember my mom using it. As an adult I have always used it and I have tried other soaps and body washes but I always go back to Dove. I love this new Micellar it gives me another option for a more plain Dove. I typically use the white bar and the exfoliating bar. Now I am definitely adding this Micellar bar I love it! It makes me feel super clean, it doesn’t cause itching like some soap and the scent is mild. My husband also loves it! I turned him on to using Dove bars, it’s all he uses now and he says this Micellar is his new favorite! (He’s very very picky let me make that clear!). So definitely a great new Dove Bar!

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