4.8 5 0 38 38 Las Barras de granola de Quaker son una combinación irresistible para una deliciosa merienda. Cada barra de granola Dipps tiene una rica cobertura de chocolate.
Barras de granola Chewy Dipps Llama Rama de Quaker
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Llama goodness
My family loved these chewy Quaker llama treats great for quick snack to hold over til next meal.
Amazing product! Good for a snack! Kids would love to eat this during their lunch or just a snack. The most good thing about this product is the flavor in it. I would totally recommend.
Who doesn't love granola bars with m&Ms?! My kids and I sure do
Llama bars
These were very good. Both of my kids enjoyed them!
My toddler loves these! They have a great taste and are a great snack or inbetween meal.
How can a llama be so good?
This is a personal favorite. And a kid favorite too. My daughter who's unicorn thia unicorn that tried these and had to agree. And what great is the flavor and the healthy stuff I'm sneaking in to feed her. So mom's and kids all should get there llama on!
Delicious!!! Would recommend
Very good, love the colors and the chocolate, my boyfriend also loved them
Colorful Chocolate Candies
My kids love these! They love the colors but love the taste even more!!
Chew bars
I love the chocolate bottom chew bars .. They are good for on the go .
Great treat
I found these to be very sweet, but tasty for the occasional treat. There is chocolate drizzle and chocolate dipped bottom. If you like Thor normal chewy bars, you will like this sweeter version
Yummy but sweet
These are delicious and adorable however, theyre better for dessert than a snack. Very unhealthy.
Cute and edible
The packaging is cute so of course the granddaughter saw them and had to have them. Now know this the granddaughter is picky so I buy stuff she wants she takes a bite and never again. But these she ate them all up and I had to go get more lol.
Great taste
I recently purchased these Quaker Chewy Dipps Llama Rama Granola Bars and really liked the overall taste and flavor. They have great chocolate drizzle that adds to the flavor and makes it more unique
Kids loved it!
My kids enjoy the regular bars everyday as a snack, add in the sprinkles and fun colors and snack time was awesome! The taste was on point, the wrapping and packaging are very appealing also!
Very easy snack
These are delicious, not only do they make a great easy breakfast with the perfect portion and nutrients but they make an awesome midday snack. If you have not tried these I would highly suggest you do but on a personal level I love granola.

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