4.9 5 0 72 72 Las Barras de granola de Quaker son una combinación irresistible para una deliciosa merienda. Cada barra de granola Dipps tiene una rica cobertura de chocolate.
Barras de granola Chewy Dipps Llama Rama de Quaker
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Great for kids!
Definitely a household necessity for quick snacks on the go. The kids loved them, and they're not even full of junk that's bad for them like some products. I would definitely recommend.
Great quick snack
Perfect for on the go snacks for parents and kids both.
I am not normally a fan of bars like this however this is delicious. It wasn't bland by any definition. It's just enough to keep me from needing something more to eat but not enough to make me feel bloated. ebe
I love the texture of these bars. They are chewy and, not to dry. They are really good snack for children. They absolutely love them. They dont have a huge amount of sugar in them, which all Moms love.
I love the texture and everything blend well to give a yummy chocolate test with a little extra and name is so cute. I would love it in a large size bar so give it a try.
My family love these
I got these for my 7 year old daughter she asks for one everyday now. Usually I don't eat granola bars but these are so soft and chewy I loved them too.
Great grano!a bar
I love Quaker products. This is a great granola bar.
Popular after school snack
I buy a lot of granola bars since they are one of the few things that my daughters all agree on. They area must have for lunches or after school. I have tried this brand countless times and they are always delicious flavors and lots of options but this is the first time I purchased granola bars just for the packaging. I mean, how cute is that? We love these.
Yummy granola bars
My grandkids and I loved these yummy granola bars. We will definitely be buying these more often now that we have tried them. No improvements needed.
I love the Quaker brand and these are a great snack for lunches or just throw in my purse. Tasty!
Sweet tooth cure
If your looking for sweet tooth cure here it's is yummu
My daughter loved it
My daughter ate the entire box. She loved them. Will purchase again
My daughter absolutely loves these granola bars. She said they're so soft chewy.
Quaker granola
Quaker Chewy Dipps Llama Rama Granola Bars are not just for kids. They are amazing
Lama Granola Bars
These granola bars are delicious. There a descent size as well there bigger then the normal size ones. They have these pastel-colored candy pieces n a drizzle of milk chocolate across the top they are really good n my boys love them as well.

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