4.7 5 0 172 172 Las barras crujientes Nature Valley están hechas de los mejores ingredientes de la naturaleza, como granos de avena enteros y nueces pecán 100 % naturales. ¡A disfrutarlas!
Barras de granola crujientes de almendras tostadas Nature Valley™
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Nature Valley Roasted Almond Crunchy Granola Bars
In general, I'm a fan of Nature Valley products and this one is no different. I appreciated the fact that you can actually see and taste the almonds in the granola bar as well as the fact that each bar had a nice crunchy bite to them. I understand that to some it might be too crunchy, but it's nothing like some of the granola bars I've had where it was almost to the point that the granola bars themselves were stronger than my own teeth. If crunchy granola bars aren't really your thing, Nature Valley does have a wide variety of product flavors and plenty of almond forward flavors in a chewier granola bar. Additionally, I like how portable the products are and how they do provide enough of a satisfying feeling to hold you over to a next meal. I found the product, overall, to be great tasting and the right texture as well as a portable and satisfying snack, thus my giving it five stars and a high recommendation.
Crunchy Goodness!!
I love all Nature Valley products because they are consistently great quality and taste! These granola bars have great crunch, and come in a variety of fantastic flavors! They are a great snack option or on the go quick breakfast! Love them!
Sweet crunchy goodness!
The first time I tried these I wasn't sure if I was going to like them. I don't really like almonds. Well you can call them that but they are so much more. They are crisp crunchy thin bars with a little sweet. They are good for you too! I can't Stop eating them!
I love nature valley products! These are very crunchy and taste amazing! I love how it’s a quick on the go snack! The kids also really enjoy them! I highly recommend if your looking for something that is quick and easy!
love it!
Para meriendas, matar los antojitos, calmar la ansiedad etc etc etc! Es muy Bueno, me gusto mucho!
Nature Valley Granola Bars
These are very good but can occasionally be a bit hard. There are several flavors available and all have a great taste. Good for an on the go breakfast or as a snack. Also good dipped in milk!
I like this product it's crunchy and sweet it is satisfying for the chew and texture
Healthy and delicious
I love these bars! They taste so good for an any time snack especially in the morning for me or at night! I also love the variety pack! They are healthy and nutritious with oats! I recommend these to anyone who like these kinds of bars
Nature Valley
I love these so much! The ultimate healthy crunchy snack!
Natrure Valley Crunch Bars
I absolutely love these. I love everything I've tried from this brand so far. I don't feel so guilty eating these compared to some of the other brands out there.
Very delicious, filling snacks the only issue I’ve had is they are very messy! So be aware when you get these that you are in for a messy treat!
Breakfast Bar
This is my go to for a quick breakfast. It's great flavor, filling and it also makes a great anytime snack!
This snack bar is a bit to crunchy for me .The flavor is all there though
Nature Valley Crunchy
I have tried a variety of granola bars, but this one is the pick over all that I have tasted so far. I love the crunch, and knowing that Nature Valley uses only the best ingredients
I enjoyed these but I would appreciate a softer bar.

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