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Barras energéticas crujientes de arándano Clif Bar®
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Delicious and nutritious
This is my absolute favorite cliff bar. I have 6 kids so when I buy a box it is gone in less than 24 hours! Kids are 17, 14,12, 6,6, and 1 and noone complains about this snack,ever! (a miracle)
Blueberry Crisp bar
This bar is full of blueberry flavor. It is the right size bar for needing a snack for between breakfast and lunch. The texture is nice and feels like I am eating something nutritious. The only thing is that it is a lot of calories for a bar. I would have hoped there would be less calories.
My fave flavor!
I have always loved Clif bars, but I became obsessed when I tried this flavor! I eat them for breakfast or when I need a good snack and they're fantastic. They're filling and very satisfying.
I ate one tonight for dinner!
These things are amazing. I love the blueberry flavor, the nuts, and oats. The flavor in general is fresh, and mixed well. The way you feel after eating is nice too, like a little surge of energy to help you finish up your day or start one. I feel it's probably a healthier choice than some of the things you could choose to eat as well.
I have tried many flavors of Clif bars but this is my favorite. They have a great texture. Not to chewy and they are soft. I eat these for breakfast when I'm in a rush and they keep me full till lunch.
What a great snack on the go. Quick and easy whenever you feel hungry. Tastes great, good texture. Keeps you full for several hours.
great snack for on the go or when you don't have time to eat, great taste and convenience when snacking. affordable price.
Clif bars are my go to snack for breakfast or a lunch snack. I really enjoyed the blueberry taste.
Not my favorite
Clif bars are alright, they provide a lot of energy and usually have good flavors. This blueberry flavor is ok, but it gets a little too strong and almost artificial tasting. It's too sweet for me.
Go-to bar for energy!
This is my favorite bar for on-the-go energy. I love the flavor and texture and love that it has clean, recognizable ingredients. My kids love it too! We ate the first package in a few days and I already have another package in the mail.
Personally, this flavor is my favorite out of them all. It's as enjoyable as a blueberry muffin, with more chewing. The only bad part is that it's finished before you know it
Clif Bar® Blueberry Crisp Energy Bar
ahhh, I love Clif Bars, but they are just too expensive to buy for my family all the time. They get eaten up just like anything else in snack packaging, but cost 2/3rds more. Hate that I have to hide them for special occasions.
I've been buying this product since I first saw it. I've tried a few flavors and liked pretty much all of them but the blueberry crisp is my favorite. The flavor is fantastic. My kids love them too! I love grabbing one for breakfast or when I am on the go and have to skip a meal. They're healthy and pretty filling.
great tasting energy bar!!! it is just the right pick me up when you need energy for a ride or workout.
We bought it because they have a lot or favlors and what a surprise because they have great taste but also they give you energy, we eat them at work and its amazing we can last until dinner at home

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