4.7 5 0 75 75 La mantequilla de maní recién molida y la miel orgánica se combinan con avena sin gluten para obtener un bocadillo que se asemeja a deliciosa la masa de galleta.
Barritas de mantequilla de maní de Perfect Kids
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Peanut butter bar
I found this in the cooler section of the grocery store, and found you refrigerate these until ready to eat. The bars taste like peanut butter cookie dough in my opinion, and even as an adult, I love this!
Great protein snack
I found these in the refrigerated section and it peaked my interest right away. I bought a couple of these for my husband since we had recently spoke about him needing a high protein snack during the day when he gets tired at work. These are a fantastic snack and are just the right size to give you a bit more pep in your step when feeling tired or sluggish. We love peanut butter and these are a perfect solution for my husband.
My Kids Love These Bars
My kids can not get enough of these Perfect Kids Bars. I love that they are fresh and stay in the fridge until you need them so the peanut butter isn't rancid. They taste great and are healthy!
Great bar for kids
My toddler loves these bars. She always asks for the "peanut butter stick". It tastes like peanut butter but in a bar format. I am happy with the ingredients and feel comfortable giving these to my daughter to eat.
Not Just for Kids
I tried these out recently because they looked interesting. I am always looking for a tasty, healthy bar. These taste like pure peanut butter, with a bit of sweetness. Very tiny bars, but they pack a punch because they are satisfying. I count one of them as eating a serving of peanut butter. My husband loves them too.
Kids not a fan
I myself do not care for the texture of these bars. My grandsons will eat them, but prefer the shelf stable bars for kids. Nutrition benefits are good, but high in calories.
Perfect Kids Peanut Butter Cookie Bar
My kids love these bars and with all the protein packed in each bar, I feel good about having them for in their lunchboxes.
SO filling!
I loved both that I tried, they tasted great! I had the blueberry cashew one and it kept me satiated all day. I would like more of the flavors to be available in stores near me though.
my toddies Lauren and Emma usually dont even eat peanut butter but something about this stuff she dove right into it
best bar out there
perfect bar for kids is the best bar you can find out there it has 7g of protein and no add stuff al natural ingredients , one bar and the boys are satisfy for longer, great for hikes and outdoor activities , they really m are you fill full and satisfy great bar I love it
I bought this bar as part of an Ibotta Rebate. Put in the fridge and forgot about it. Next day my son actually saved the wrapper in backpack stating it was the best he has ever had buy more! He is a protein bar junky. Prefers them cold even if they are not sold as such. Has them for his morning drive to school, afterschool snack and post workout.
Yummy Treat
My kids don't like these very much, but I think they're delicious. It's fine with me though as these are pricey. They are slightly drier than I expected so be sure to have a drink handy.
Kids bar
My grandson loves these bars a nice go to for the lunch box.
Filling breakfast or snack
This is a fantastic bar not only for kids, but for adults, too! I eat a gluten-free diet for health reasons and pretty much eat 1-2 of these every week either on my morning or afternoon commutes! Very fillin
My families favorite
Perfect Kids Peanut Butter Cookie Bar has become my families favorite snack since it has really nice sweet peanut butter taste

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