4.5 5 0 137 137 Luzca su piel verdadera con la Base de Maquillaje Líquida y Liviana de la línea Stay Naked de Urban Decay - 50 tonos diseñados con 9 intensidades de color, 3 tonos principales y 7 matices en mente.
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Great coverage.
Love the broad spectrum of colors and lightweight coverage it provides
Weightless full coverage
I started using this foundation about a month ago and fell in love! My skin is normal/dry and this foundation leaves my face feeling hydrated and looking lustrous.
This foundation is nice however it's just as good as other cheaper foundations. The price is far to high. I like quality with fair price. Most people out there is not gonna spend so much on a small bottle of foundation that's no better then Walmart brands like Revlon or cover girl.
Urban Decay
This is a nice foundation that doesnt look cakey. I have gotten compliments on my skin with this on.
I am totally anal when it comes to my skin. Im always worried about my blemishes. I get tough when it comes to foundations. And this one works well. It covers well and lasts. It is is a bit pricey but you pay for what you get
Pretty lips
Nice lips, came in many colors that you can choose from
Long wearing.
Great foundation that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry. With working long hours I need a foundation that can last the day with me. Always looks flawless even after a 9 hour shift.
I truly, like this product it’s just always hard to find a color that suits me. I have to blend 2 colors for my dark skin, but it is literally weightless. I barely know it’s on. My skin can breath and not break out.
I live this foundation
I love this foundation! It's so bleandable and isn't heavy or thick and has the perfect amount of coverage. I wish it wasn't so pricey but it's worth it. I definitely recommend this ,if you have the extra money to spend on a foundation.
Great Coverage
This foundation has amazing coverage! I love makeup, I am a makeup artist and most of the time this is my go to foundation. It’s not at the very top of my list of foundations maybe #3 which is still great!
Urban Decays Naked
I love Urban Decay, however I wasn't really that impressed with this foundation. I feel the the All nighter foundation from UD is better than this one. It isn't a matte finish like I prefer. The coverage isn't as full as I like it.
Flawless coverage
I have a huge love of make up.I always have an assortment but since I got the Urban Decay naked, it's been my go to foundation. It's awesome and has great coverage that feels light like it says and doesn't make your face feel sweaty. Your skin honestly can breath through it. That's hard to find and I love this foundation!
Wow wow wow best best best great would love to try yes
The shades are wierd
The foundation itself isnt too bad. Pretty liquidy but nice medium coverage. The shades on the other hand, idk if its just me but even though theres alot of them theyre just wierd colors and undertones. Its harder for me because im redheaded but most of them looked wierd anyway to me
It’s a Yasss from me!
This UD weightless foundation is nice on my face. It covers well and doesn’t cake up. I use it daily for both day and night looks. Great makeup staple!

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