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Vellutato e coprente
Ho acquistato questo prodotto lo scorso anno, perchè considero l'Oréal un brand di cosmesi ottimo e molto conosciuto, in quanto presente sul mercato da decenni. Lascia la pelle del viso creando un effetto manopesca e non unge.
Loved it !
I bought this product after hearing many good reviews about it and I must say it did not disappoint . It gave my skin a natural glow and blended in fairly well with my natural skin . I would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable lightweight foundation .
Good product
I tried this and I did like it. I wish it had offered better coverage but all in all I would recommend.
Mixed feelings
Well to start off I loved the full coverage it gave my face. It felt creamy and light. But on other hand it didn't last I live in texas and its humid and we sweat ALOT. It came off where my glasses touch my nose and started looking cakey blotchy and smeared. I also started breaking out with deep pimples that wouldn't heal using it. So I had to toss it. I love the powder just not foundation.
Good coverage
I like this one more than 1 did the last two it is medium coverage it is buildable for full coverage and it is long wearing
L’Oréal Foundation
I have been using L’Oréal Infallible foundation for a few months now. It goes on smooth and I get great coverage. My only complaint is that it doesn’t stay matte all day. Mid day I have to touch up the shiny spots.
Full coverage minus cakey/piled on look
L'Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation was lightweight but long lasting full coverage... give it a shot! I do like the product I'm using better so I'm not switching but it was better than I expected!
This full coverage foundation is surprisingly lightweight and covers the hyper pigmentation on my face perfectly.It's even lightweight enough for me to wear during the summer. It's buildable and very blendable and I use it in conjunction with the L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation for a really nice matte finish. I actually like this better than the more expensive Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation I purchased. This is a really nice full coverage foundation for the price
It is pretty thick in my opinion and feels very heavy on my skin. It looks cakey on and I don't even have that dry skin (it looks very drying and clings to certain areas). The coverage is nice but the shade range is awful. I generally need one of the lightest shades with yellow undertones, this product has a neutral shade that turns ashy on me. It's surprising to me that even the lightest shades are off.
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I think if you are looking for a great full coverage foundation. Look right here. I thought the texture was going to be too heavy. Too me, I thought it was going to be like Tarte's foundation (brown tube one). This one is way better! I love this foundation. I probably wouldn't wear it in the middle of summer (like right now- I live in Texas so no way). But this is my go-to foundation for the winter time.
L'Oréal Paris infallible total cover foundation provides full coverage in a thick yet weightless formula. Perfect blend of foundation and concealer.
this stuff is wonderful for the price! full coverage (can be layered), yet lightweight, and looks natural! I would not say 24-hour wear. more like 8-10. of course setting with powder and a setting spray will make it last way longer! Overall beautiful foundation!
This foundation blends well and does feel light. I did not feel that it was the full coverage it claims. I have read claims that this will cover tattoos....it will NOT. I noticed it began to break down by the end of the day as well (after about 8 hours wear). Overall, good product if you need medium coverage.
After I went to Ulta and purchased this foundation I used it the next day and went I applied it to my face about two minutes later I looked orange. I like how much coverage this foundation gives (full coverage), I also like how flawless it looks, but most foundations only oxidizes a little bit but this foundation oxidized way too much in my opinion. I don’t know if I just got a bottle that was bad or something because I have watched many YouTube videos on this foundation and never seen it oxides like this much before. I personally won’t be purchasing this foundation again but I will still recommend it to people because I seems like most people don’t have the same amount of oxidation as mine did.

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