4.4 5 0 218 218 La base líquida para un rostro fresco Dream Cushion™ ofrece una cobertura de luminosidad completa para lograr la perfección de un rostro fresco.
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Great one!
I really like this product. It makes your skin so smooth and the quality is really good for the price. A big fan
It makes my skin look dewy and healthy. It is quick to put on in the car when your in a rush in the morning.
I love this product! I use this everyday. I love the way this applies to my face. It does not clog my pores.
I love this product! I use this everyday. I love the way this applies to my face. It does not clog my pores.
Way Too Messy
Though I feel the purpose of the Dream Cushion make up was to simplify the process of putting on foundation, I find that this product is actually a lot more messy and inconvenient to use than just buying a bottle of liquid foundation. I like the concept of trying to make the process faster and easier for putting on makeup, but I find that the design is quite flawed for this. First off, I like being able to get a small amount in my hand and then blending it in with my fingers when I use liquid foundation. With this product, the foundation is distributed all over the cushion and I don't get the coverage I like using the cushion over my fingers. It's awkward swiping the cushion over my face and it distributed way more foundation than I'd like to use. Even if I use my fingers for the rest of the application after the initial swipe, the cushion is all messy and gross the next time I use it. I don't like the idea that you're using the same cushion over and over.
fresh face
This stuff lasts me throughout the day without having to reapply and it reminds me of a high end brand
Ok this is fabulous!!! Just fabulous!!! You use very little and it covers the whole face! I absolutely love it. Gives a light shimmer too.
I am wanting a full refund for this item and I am getting a chance of getting my first full coverage from Maybelline it is my go to over the high end foundation but this is a bust for me
Love "Dream" Line from Maybelline
Maybelline New York Dream Cushion Fresh Face Liquid Foundation is such a unique product. It's a liquid in an almost powder-compact. It's really a great foundation, goes on like silk. I love the Dream line from Maybelline! Now it's even easier to take this compact on-the-go!
This is the foundation that I'm wearing right now. Because of how lightweight it is. I live in Texas so the summers I can't wear a ton of makeup because in an hour it will just disappear into nothing and sweat. So I always go light to a sheer foundation. This is the foundation I go to because of how amazing it makes my skin look. I love it!
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I love the coverage...however, when I opened the product, there was no applicator/pad to use to apply the foundation. Very disappointed, especially considering the cost.
I love this product and would love to buy it again.
So I recently just tried this and It was okay not something I would buy again. It went on smooth, but also looked like it caked on. I’m more for a natural look and if I can tell I have foundation on it’s not for me. This may work better for someone else’s skin tho.
It applies smoothly and works very well for my youngest daughter she has sensitive skin. I tried it on the other hand and found that I really needed a fuller coverage foundation. Cute packaging though and should work well for medium coverage requirements.

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