4.5 5 0 168 168 La base Vitalist Healthy Elixir de COVERGIRL tiene una fórmula rica en vitaminas, ya que cuenta con un complejo especial de antioxidantes y vitaminas.
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Not for oily skin
Love the coverage but it broke up on my oily skin. Nice foundation just not for me.
PRODUCT/FORMULA: The product itself goes on the skin so smoothy and gives such a healthy looking glow but not in a greasy way. This product brightens up dull skin and just makes you look alive again. I would say its a medium/full coverage foundation as you can sheer it out as well as build it up for more coverage. LONGEVITY: I don't find hydrating/dewy foundations to normally have the best wear time when compared to more matte formulas. I sweat a lot at my work and I can easily wear this for 8-9 hours with it still looking beautiful on the skin which impressed me with how hydrating this formula is. After the 8-9 hour mark this product will start to wear off a little patchy.
Okay, Light coverage
While I did think that this foundation felt very lightweight, I found that it did not last all day for me. By the afternoon the foundation was starting to come off. It does feel nice on the skin though!
Amazing and easy to build!
I really enjoyed this foundation! It has an amazing smell and it has a medium to full coverage! It covers bumps and blemishes so amazingly especially if you use a foundation brush! It only cost me $6 on Amazon which was awesome deal! Not to mention with a little bit of powder over it, it stays on for most of the day with only a couple touch ups needed if any at all!
LOVE THIS FOUNDATION! I have combo skin with more issues on the dry side rather than the oily side. I found this foundation to work fantastic for me. It is just enough coverage and a great satin finish to keep you looking great. Would recommend this to anyone especially those with dry skin.
COVERGIRL Vitalist Healthy Elixir Foundation is a fantastic foundation this formula is the best and it has a really fresh smell and it lasted all day I think I stick with this for a while.
It's a smooth foundation. I have fair to olive skin and i'very tried number 155. Golden beige. I would definitely recommend it. The foundation has a good spfit and vitamins infused in it. Which is good for your skin.
Very lightweight foundation. Stays on all day. It almost feels as if I’m not wearing any foundation at all! Not bad for the price.
Try out cover girl makeup foundation its sparkles fair you buy different texture I like fair. Cause gotten pale skin nice soft
Omg this is by far my favorite foundation that I have ever tried in my entire makeup life I should say. I love how radiant and healthy your skin looks after applying it on your skin. It also feels so light but has such good coverage plus I really like how the foundation smells and you do not hear that much especially about foundations. A lot of them smell like paint or chemicals. Whenever I do wear this foundation I get so many compliments on how glowy I look so that is another plus. Must have if your looking for a drugstore foundation.
Fairly good coverage but, left me feeling dewy. Matter out fine with the finishing powder & had a flawless finished look.
COVERGIRL VITALIST HEALTHY ELIXIR FOUNDATION is an amazing product. I use this foundation and it feels so good on my face. It is enriched with antioxidants, and infused with vitamins- in which is really good for your skin to help it, not only look it's best, but also to feel it's best! I think COVERGIRL VITALIST HEALTHY ELIXIR FOUNDATION is a awesome product! It can be found at most Walgreens drug/department stores.
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I absolutely love this foundation. I have oily skin and by the end of the day my skin still looks great. The oil does peak through at the main spots like the nose and forehead which is normal but the rest of my makeup is still looking good.
I ready great reviews and had to try it. I'm in my 50s with normal skin and this looked horrible on me. It was streaky looking ,did not blend well at all. I'm not sure why?? But this was not for me.. I used a brush then used my blender same result. Yuck!

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