4.3 5 0 192 192 La primera hamburguesa vegetal del mundo que se ve, se cocina y satisface como la carne de res sin OGM, soja o gluten. Encuéntrela en el pasillo de la carne.
Beyond Burger™
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Amazing vegan product!
So far this is the best plant based meat I have ever tasted in my life. I remember the first time I have tried this product was about 3 years ago when my sister invited the beyond meat omg was soo good!
Excelente Hamburguesa vegano
Su textura y sabor son exquisitas: para mi las mejores del mercado.
Good for Vegans
I love how easy these were to make. The taste was actually wicked good just like a regular burger. However I did not like how much salt there was in these. Also how they arent actually better for you than regular burgers. For a plant base burger I will say it is very good.
beyond burger just OK
Bought with coupon at Kroger. OK for those avoiding meat. Without the coupon they are actually more expensive than a good quality hamburg. It dose not seem like plant based should cost more than beef. I was not impressed and would not buy again
Not bad
These burgers were alright. Not great, but not bad. The texture was different but the flavor was pretty good. They burn quite fast so maybe some kind of improvement so this doesn't happen would be good. Overall if you want plant based meat this is a good choice.
Not for me
Overall these patties were gritty to me. I fried them in a skillet. They seemed to burn very quickly. I wanted to like them but when I tried them I spit them right out. I wouldn’t recommend to people who love meat.
Best “fake meat”
I’m a vegetarian and I’ve tried it ALL. This is the closest product to a real burger you can get. Cooks well and tastes amazing. The only down fall is that they are pricey but that’s not enough to keep me from not buying them. Quality costs! It’s also worth it for the animals and the environment!
I loved this product and everything about it. It really hit the spot, definitely getting again.
Betond Burger
I'm a huge fan of hamburgers, but the fact of the matter is that they have an overall negative impact on the environment and in terms of health they leave some things to be desired. However, Beyond Burgers provides a solution to those problems by being a plant-based burger so it's naturally healthier and it doesn't require additional land to be used for raising the animal used for a hamburger and the plants to feed the animal being raised as a hamburger. Plus, you can feel a little better knowing that it's only a plant going into making it. As for the taste and texture, I thought that it was quite hard to tell a different, especially when you begin to add all of the toppings that you may normally use, like lettuce, tomato, cheese, and any condiments. Plus, it's non-GMO, soy-free, and gluten-free, so it fits into basically any individual's diet. As a result, I gave this product five stars and would highly recommend it.
Healthy and Tasty
I was pleasantly surprised at the taste of these burgers. They are filling and great for you at the same time, because they are filled with veggies.
"updated MEATIER version"
I don't know that this is MUCH different than before but it's still tasty. Texture wise it's like eating a beef burger, it's not squeaky like tempeh. Taste wise I think it tasted pretty good.
It was a pretty good burger doesnt taste like beef but it works. It just ain't beef I liked the realness of it the flavor could be better
Great for meat eaters, not as great for vegetarians/vegans
I’ve been a vegetarian for over half of my life. I really have no recollection of what meat tastes like. I got one of these at a restaurant. It was fine, but I much prefer actual veggie burgers like black bean burgers. That being said, I do love the idea of more carnivorous people eating these, and maybe I’m just not the demographic they are trying to hit. If we can get meat eaters to eat these instead of regular burgers, it will do a lot to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions resulting from raising cows for the meat industry.
A GOOD Suprise!
I was a little hesitant to try these at first, as we are a big meat eating family, especially my Husband! I decided to not tell him these were not our usual burgers. He didn't even notice a difference! We will be adding these to the weeknight rotation for sure!
I was pretty suprised at how good the texture was, as well as the taste. It was able to hold up on the grill much better than other veggie burgers I've had. After taking a bite, I must have checked the packaging at least 20 times to make certain it wasn't actually real meat!

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