4.3 5 0 184 184 La primera hamburguesa vegetal del mundo que se ve, se cocina y satisface como la carne de res sin OGM, soja o gluten. Encuéntrela en el pasillo de la carne.
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really good plant based pattie
we really like this patties. its a very good alternative to meat. i am hoping for a price drop though. this patties are more expensive than the real ones. still i try to buy them more often when ever it fits in my budget.
Tastes so good
My family and i loved these the taste along was so amazing. It held the taste in it and it was still so deliouse.no improvements need to be made in my opinion and i would reccomend
Hearty Burgers
I love these burgers! I have a horrible gluten allergy and these have no effect on my stomach! They also grill up nicely. Overall worth the price! My family and I will be buying these again! Yum
These are the best
I absolutely loved these burgers. Closest thing to real burger I’ve had. Texture and taste are spot on!
These have to be the best veggie burger I’ve had yet! They don’t taste like straight vegetables or blacks beans!
First time eating plant based burger
Beyond burger is beyond me. The taste is not for me. The taste was not what I am used to. During the cooking process it has the smell of something I am not certain of. My husband loves these burgers. Therefore, I would recommend to anyone.
Much better then regular meat
Love the taste . Always looking for more healthy meats that are plant based and this on is the best
Fantastic Burger!
Amazing replica of real beef. We absolutely love it. For a long time we have been trying to find meat alternative that actually tastes Good. Well this is it!!! I would recommend this product to everyone.
I love it, WE DONT SUFFER!
My step mother decided that she couldnt handle , handling of meat after she went vegan, so she secretly started feeding us Beyond Meat products ... she told us after about a week that it wasnt meat..WE WERE SHOCKED! Good stuff!!! she made us meat balls , her usually recipe , yup more or less the same but even a little better i thought she added mushrooms or carrots or something.. so yeah just try this stuff in your recipes instead of the meats you would normally use.. Total shocker, Also to note we all lost weight since she made the change.
Tastes Great
This is a great tasting “burger!” It is perfect for people trying to be healthier and steer clear of meat. It has a great taste and is comparable to a regular burger. I would definitely buy again.
No bad for meatless
I bought these because I had a couple of friends come over for dinner that were vegetarians. They really loved them. I tried one and honestly they were pretty good but I prefer beef.
This is very good. If you want a burger this is the one you must try. I am hooked.
It's a great option!
Try it! It is better for you and tastes just like a meat burger.
Yummy burgers
I loved the taste of these vegan burgers they were easy to cook not bland at all good tasting tasted just like a burger but without the meat
Best Plant-Based Burgers
I absolutely love these patties. I ate them all the time when I was vegan/vegetarian because they do taste almost exactly like real meats and my non-vegetarian friends always really enjoyed them as well.

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