Blistex - Ungüento labial medicado

4.8 5 0 302 302 El avanzado sistema de humectación de Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment brinda un medicamento penetrante en una fórmula única para aliviar el herpes labial y la sequedad severa de los labios. Contiene cuatro medicamentos para aliviar el dolor, la picazón y la incomodidad de las llagas y ampollas en los labios. La base hidratante y emoliente de Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment hidrata y suaviza la superficie de los labios para aliviar las grietas y la sequedad grave.
Blistex - Ungüento labial medicado


Good smell
I love the smell. Its herbal and cooling kind of smell and feels that way too. Its a thicker liquid and feels like medicine for my lips. I dont have to reapply a lot, which is kind of the point. So its a winner for me.
I love it ...I sleep with a cpap and my lips get so chapped and this makes it so I dont get chapped lips
Chapped no more
Great product. Relieves dry cracked lips in just a few hours. I love this product
I used this product when I was younger and I really liked it.
Awesome stuff
I love using this blistex on my lips. It helps relieve my dry chapped lips and soothes them. It lasts quite a while and actually hydrates them to repair the damage that the dry air and elements have caused. It is a necessity in my household.
Chapped lips
I have used this a lot growing up especially as a kid because I would lick my lips in the winter time and they would look horrible. I would use it and it would heal it up quickly and soothe the skin around my lips
Not a fan
I have used this before for a fever blister I had from being extremely sick with the flu. I honestly did not like it. It actually burns your lips.
love it
This is the best lip ointment I've ever used. It helps keep my cracked lips really soft and its so easy to use. It doesn't burn and is easy to carry around.
Simply the Best
Soothing relief for severely chapped lips. My go to for the harsh winter air, never fails to provide relief.
Love this product!
This works well on chapped lips I use it daily! Definitely makes my lips feel moisturized and soft and you only need a little bit so even if it seems small it goes a long way so I recommened
Generations of use
My mom has always used this brand. As I grew up I also found it to be the best brand. I love when the liquid form was released. It provides immediate relief and softens the lips without an obtrusive flavor.
Works well
Works well on chapped lips. A little goes along way. Definitely makes my lips feel moisturized and soft.
Fast acting
This is one of the best brands for chapped lips. It works fast, doesn't have a bitter after taste, nor does it leave any greasy waxy felling. It is smooth and is long lasting. I would recommend blister to anyone and everyone over other brands.
Great Product
I really like this brand and product a lot . It really works it's wonders with dry and cracked lips and getting cold sores . Nope, none at all . Yes I would recommend this product
Relieves the pain of a cold sore.
I happen to be wearing this stuff right now. It has been my go-to product for dry, chapped lips for years! I use it a lot in the winter, when I might have or have recently had a cold or flu, and when indoor heating dries my skin and lips terribly. It's also wonderful for relieving the pain of a cold sore! This lip product is actually medicated, so it feels cool and refreshing, and you know it's really working, not just masking the problem. Great stuff; if you haven't tried it, check it out!

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