Bocadillos afrutados de Funables Bocadillos afrutados de bayas mixtas

4.7 5 0 129 129 Los aperitivos afrutados de Kellogg's Mixed Berry son sabrosos, dulces y un poco agrios. Un bocadillo dulce elaborado con puré de frutas, estos bocaditos afrutados proporcionan el 100% de su valor diario de vitamina C en cada porción y no contienen grasa ni gluten. Con los sabores de fresa, arándano y frambuesa, estos deliciosos masticables afrutados son aptos para viajes y fáciles de guardar en una lonchera, mochila o bolso de mano. Convenientemente empaquetado en bolsas envueltas individualmente, es muy fácil tomar una bolsa al salir por la puerta, guardar algunas en su escritorio o almacenar su despensa para compartir con familiares y amigos.
Bocadillos afrutados de Funables Bocadillos afrutados de bayas mixtas


Recommend it
Flavorful, great price. I really enjoy them, and they make a great addition to my children's cold sack lunches!
Love these
I had first tried these put of the kids eggs when they had Easter hunts. The last time I went shopping, at Walmart, I saw these and knew that I had to have them. They are so good and actually taste like the fruit that they resemble. They're nice and soft too. I would recommend them to anyone, both young and old.
Best Flavored & Super Soft Gummies
So as an adult I'll say these are fantastic gummies!! I got hookes on gummies about a year ago and these gummies are my go to brand/flavor!! Every single flavor is just delicious and true. The texture is so wonderfully soft and gooey which makes them easy to chew. I also keep these around for the grandchild and they always love these!!
it was a very fruity and fun to eat and I would give them to my child
Great snack
These are fruity, tasty, and a great snack for my kids. I love that it has a variety of flavors and the packages are easy to open.
My children and I love these gummies. They have great flavor and do not stick to your teeth.
It’s delicious, you can really taste the different fruit flavors
A must for my grand babies!!
My grand babies absolutely love these and I dont mind them having it over other snacks. Always have them on hand!! It's definitely the perfect go to snack!! Absolutely recommend!!
These are the best tasting gummies. My kids eat these like crazy and so do I.
Taste yummy & cute shapes
Love these in our house, I love the fact they look like actual little berries and my kids and I eat them regularly and pretend breakfast we serve them as real fruits lol
Great snack
Delicious healthy snack my kids and myself enjoy! I also think they are great for take along snacks! My kids enjoy the flavor variety and cute shape!
not the greatest
These were not a favorite in my house. We always buy a different brand. We decided to try these and it was an epic fail. My 5 year old daughter spit it out in the trash so I thought I would try them myself because she is dramatic. They were not soft at all. They were actually pretty hard. They tasted decent, but not as good as our original brand. We won't be purchasing these ones again.
funables snacks
they are okay.just not a big fan of the not so sweet taste.they are chewy gummies.the price is fairly good.
My kids love them!
So they’re a good little go to treat I give to my kids they like them but personally I don’t like the texture that could be improved a bit. Overall I like the flavor and I do recommend.
Kids love them
My twin boys love anything that’s sweet and looks like candy. These definitely have the best flavor for gummies.

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