4.4 5 0 91 91 Qué identifica más al invierno y los días festivos que tomar un delicioso cacao caliente en familia mientras se observa a la nieve caer. Hemos tomado ese mismo sabor y sentimiento y hemos creado la asombrosa y deliciosa edición limitada de los Bocadillos de pastel sabor a cacao caliente de Elf On The Shelf. Con los deliciosos sabores del chocolate y la vainilla en cada bocado, se sentirá como si estuviera tomando una taza caliente de cacao.
Bocadillos de pastel de Elf On The Shelf Bocadillos de Pastel Sabor Cacao Caliente
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Winter treat
I found these around Christmas times do got a box for my family for a snack. The cake is a bit dry and the chocolate isn’t very rich. But overall a good little cake bite. Pretty good with a cup of coffee!
We bought a box to try and they were horrible. They didn't even have much of that hot cocoa taste that you would expect it would have. Didn't even finish the box and threw donated the rest to the shelter in case someone there liked them.
Elf on a shelf
Elf on a shelf hot cocoa cake bites is heavenly good
Good tasty treat
We really liked this treat. It wasn't really that sweet but it was a little dry. I say it needed more crème
For the kids!
I love sweets but these had a very fake chocolate flavor. Like the palmers candies you get from the dollar tree. However my kiddo loved them!
Tastes good
The product was on sale so I got it for my husband and 3 year old grand daughter, they are pros on eating their goodies. They really loved them and wanted more but I could not find any, Rita
Sweet and delicious, but I prefer actual hot cocoa.
Makes your holiday extra special
These cakes will make your holiday extra special they do go great with hot chocolate or cold milk my grandson loves him you cannot go through the holidays without these cakes.
my Grandbaby loves these they taste great for the whole family
Very Good
this is my son's favorite snack. I have one box left and really need to get more.
Highly recommend!
These elf on the shelf bites are truly wonderful! Yes, they are little bites but they sure do pack a punch of rich chocolaty flavor! I would recommend to anyone that has a sweet tooth like myself.
Yum yums
These elf on the shelf cake bites are amazing such a rich delightful treat that goes on and on should sale year round definitely cost effective small pieces though .
A friend gave me one and it was very good! Next year I will buy them myself.
Kinda Bland.
These seem aimed at children, since there isn't a ton of flavor (aside from sugar). They have a slight flavor of hot cocoa, but mostly it tastes like the *smell* of hot cocoa.
I could only eat 1 they are so sweet but sooo good! My whole family loves them! It's nice when you are craving chocolate cake or something super sweet these are just enough to get your sweet tooth fix.

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