4.7 5 0 384 384 Hecha con agua de rosas, esta bruma facial hidrata al instante y refresca la piel, incluso después del maquillaje.
Bruma facial relajante con agua de rosas
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My favorite face mist
I love face mists and setting sprays and ran out of mine so instead of driving to Ulta 45 minutes away I decided to check out my local superstore for one..I saw this and I absolutely was drawn to it..I love this product..I repurchase this everytime I run out too..it's so gentle and refreshing on my skin and doesn't dry me out..I use it at night after my skincare to help my moisturizer sink in and after my makeup to set my makeup..this is a product I hope is always around..it's amazing
I love to spray this on my face after washing it and drying it it gives it a nice refreshing and relaxing feeling with a light scent of rose. I don’t see to much effect from it but it’s soothing and it says it’s for refreshment! I like it
Soothes and Cools!
I love Garnier Soothing Facial Mist! It cooled my skin, and helped sooth it from redness and even sunburn. It even made my skin feel softer. Just a spritz, or two, every so often throughout the day really helped my face. Garnier is an affordable brand that I know and like.
I like to use the Garnier rose mist prior to applying my makeup, and after to set my makeup. You can also use throughout the day to help your skin feel refreshed!
feels nice
I have oily skin, and this moisturizes well without making me extra oily. It's a good pick-me-up.
Very soothing.
This is such a great product. I use after washing my face & it left it feeling soothed, hydrated, along with a plesent scent. It didn't leave my face sticky nor tacky. I've recommended it to so many friends.
Feels refreshing
if your face is feeling dry or needs to feel refresh then this is a must try. The smell is flowery but subtle. the spray is very light weight and doesn’t feel heavy on your face. It’s great for the morning to wake your face up and feel refreshed. It feels like spraying a mist of water on face and it dries very quick.
Love it
I love the way this smells and it does feel very refreshing. I feel like if you do use this too much the the alcohol in it can get drying but if you use this maybe every other day or so its not bad. I use this before and after my makeup. I really do enjoy this.
Love this product
I received a sample bottle of this face spray and I loved it. It has a nice scent and leaves my skin feeling great. I love the benefits of Rose for my skin but not a fan of it being strongly scented and this spray is subtle.
Bright Eyed and Rosy Cheeked!
SkinActive Soothing Facial Mist with Rose Water is a lightly scented, refreshing gift to my skin. After moisturizing at night, I add a few spritzs of the mist to my face right before bed. It is so soothing on the skin, especially with the winter air fighting to dry out my skin. I have found that it locks in moisture and my skin looks great in the morning. I really love that it's made with natural ingredients too, so I don't have to feel bad about what I'm putting on my body! Highly recommended!
Rose Facial Mist
I use a Garnier Rose Facial Mist anytime I need to feel refreshed, especially lovely on a hot day. It has a very fine mist and doesn’t disturb makeup. Keeps my skin hydrated.
Doesn’t irritate or burn my skin. The smell is okay but I love this product. The spray is very fine which is lovely and it provides enough moisture to leave my skin not feeling tight. Not at all greasy or oily and doesn’t feel like a moisturizer more like just a refreshment for your skin
Smells great!!!
I love this facial misk because it smells great!It is very refreshing to spray on your face after you wash your face. I also like that the Rose smell is is not too overwhelming.
Rosewater Spray
I came across this at the drugstore and had a coupon for it so I decided to try it. I love it and can't image living without it!. My skin is really sensitive and I can't use real rosewater ever tho I love it and its really good for you skin. I keep it in the door of my fridge and after I was my face (twice a day) I spray this all over my face instead of a toner. Its so refreshing, cooling and calming. I would recommend it to people who have sensitive skin like me.
This spray is the best i put it on before and after I do my makeup it is very good I love this product

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