bubly - agua con gas con sabor a lima burbujeante 12 oz latas de 8 paquetes

4.1 5 0 355 355 ¡Hola! El agua con gas burbujeante combina agua con gas refrescante y crujiente con sabores naturales de gran sabor perfectos para cualquier ocasión. Sin calorías, sin edulcorantes, todo sonrisas.
bubly - agua con gas con sabor a lima burbujeante 12 oz latas de 8 paquetes


Bubly lime sparkling water has the perfect amount of lime. It is refreshing and is perfect after a hot summer day. It tastes similar to sprite without all of the sugar content. It's a staple in my household, and always stocked in the fridge.
I love the Bubly Carbonated Lime Water!
I love seltzer water especially with a Lime flavor and this one is delicious. It has the perfect amount of Lime for taste and is sooo refreshing during the hotter months. You should really try this one, It is soo good!
Great alternative to soda
If you're looking to substitute soda or your favorite carbonated drink for something healthier with no sugar. These are perfect, they have a variety of flavors and they taste great.
Just okay
I’m a fan of sparkling water and bubly lime is just okay. I had to add flavor enhancer to make it taste good.
Household Staple
Our household always has a handful of different flavors of sparkling water on hand. Bubly Lime is one of those flavors we keep in rotation. We were sad to see all the sparkling water go from 12 down to 8 packs. Boo on that!
The taste is not for me, I prefer mountain dew or sprite
not a fan
Bubbly is what drinking tv static in a can would taste like while someone sprays lime scented air fresher near your face. Just tastes like carbonated water no flavor to it
Bubbly goodness
Bubbly brand lime flavors sparkling water is delicious. It’s like you are drinking soda but way better (for you & tasting) because it’s water. I’m so glad I swapped sodas for bubblies! My kids love it too!
Okay Sparkling water
Compare to other brand it's lacking in flavor, also has a weird after taste.
I really enjoy lime flavored Bubly! This flavor reminds me of lime gelatin. It has a nice, smooth taste and just the right amount of carbonation. It’s really refreshing—one of my favorite summer drinks! Also makes a great mixer for cocktails. Highly recommended!
Healthier option
Not overwhelming but just the right amount of sweetness. I buy regularly now.
Good flavor
I’ve tried different Bubly water flavors, and lime is a favorite in my household. My only complaint is that there are only 8 cans in a pack because my family goes through it so quickly!
Bubbly goodness
I love bubly sparkling waters. This is not my favorite flavor because it never really tastes like lime but they're still really good. They're better than the average lime sparkling water, though, so I would still recommend them.
Love them
I love most of the flavours of bubly. They are a great alternative to sugary pop. Cherry and lime are our favourites.
I love all the flavors. My favorite is watermelon lime

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