Cápsulas analgésicas de gel Excedrin Extra Strength

4.7 5 0 453 453 Excedrin® Extra Strength es un analgésico combinado, formulado para ayudar a aliviar los dolores de cabeza. En algunos casos, el alivio del dolor de cabeza comienza a los 15 minutos.
Cápsulas analgésicas de gel Excedrin Extra Strength


Always have them with me!!
I get terrible headaches and migraines. I’ve tried everything including acupuncture, Botox, prescription and Excedrin still works better than anything!
Where have you been all my life?
Literally 3 days ago I was suffering from a headache, which happens often. I usually treat my headache with a homeopathic remedy but that day, I don’t have time to slow down to deal with it my way. I have not drank a pop in 6 years but do recall having caffeine Withdrawal headaches, even though my current headache is not of that nature, I decided to try these for the caffeine effect. What do you know they worked and might I say, they worked quickly. My medicine cabinet is now stocked
I love Excedrin for a headache.
The best thing for headaches (non migraine) is Excedrin and the Excedrin Extra Strength gel caps are wonderful. The reason why Excedrin works so well is it is not just aspirin. I always have Excedrin Extra Strength gel caps in my medicine cabinet. You should too.
Worth it
Its a really good product love the flavor of it. So there are no issues with taking it at all. I'd definitely recommend this product to other parents. Its overall inexpensive
Works on any pain you have. Wonderful at knocking out a headache.
Works the first time, every time
With its combination of acetaminophen and aspirin, along with the use of caffeine to help absorption into the bloodstream, this formula of Excedrin tends to work quickly and effectively the first time I take it. The last thing I want to do is have to take more aspirin every couple of hours to treat a headache that just won’t go away.
muy bueno
Me quita todo tipo de dolor inmediatamente.
Cuando se me terminan las pastillas recetadas de migraña lo uso por qué es efectivo muy rapido
Son muy efectivas, un analgésico super bueno lo recomiendo 👌
Head ache? Excedrine will make the ache disappear
Only headache medicine that is like David Blaine is to magic... It makes my headaches disappear EVERYTIME! No other medicine is effective and as quick as excedrine, not even narcotic medications.
Excedrin migraine
Lo uso prácticamente semanal para mis migrañas y lo recomiendo al máximo quita el dolor en cuestión de minutos lo recomiendo
Great Product
I have taken excedrin since I was a teen ager, now I'm a Senior citizen. I can remember a few years back when you couldn't find Excedrin I cant remember what happened but you couldn't find them anywhere and I was miserable. I'm a long time headache sufferer, when I was not able to find Excedrin I started using Advil cold and sinus. NowI switch between them, depending on the type of headache that I have. A Migraine? Excedrin every time! Sinus headache I use the other
Back pain!
Helped tremendously with my back pain. Brought down the pain to a except able level!
Best Headache medicine
I have tried a lot of different medications for my headaches and I have found Excedrin is the best on the market for me. If anyone is getting headaches they definitely need to try Excedrin, you won't be sorry. So give it a try the only thing you have to lose is your headache.
Conquerors a head ache.
I think Excedrin is the best over-the-counter medication for migraine headaches. The combination of acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine are actually used in some prescription migraine medications. It is best to take with some food on your stomach. The next time you have a headache try Excedrin it really is the headache conqueror. It is conveniently priced and it works quick.

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