Cápsulas recubiertas con fórmula para el alivio del resfrío y de la gripe severos Theraflu ExpressMax para el alivio del resfrío y de la gripe

4.7 5 0 186 186 Las cápsulas para el alivio del resfrío y de la gripe severos Theraflu ExpressMax ayudan a combatir los peores síntomas del resfrío y de la gripe con una combinación de 4 potentes ingredientes activos.
Cápsulas recubiertas con fórmula para el alivio del resfrío y de la gripe severos Theraflu ExpressMax para el alivio del resfrío y de la gripe


Actual warmth after dose
I’ve tried this medicine before as I usually love the teas they make! I was extremely surprised and pleased when it left a pleasant warm sensation after taking the directed dose. When you have the chills, that warmth feels so good! The flavors are never the best in ANY syrup but it works to subside annoying symptoms!
Theraflu Express Max
I prefer the the brand name product for this item, it just works much better and the flavor is better. I like Theraflu because it works and it also has a warm soothing effect, like a hot cup of tea. I was a little panicky when it was taken off the market for a bit. I am not sure the new formula is as good as the original but it still works really well.
Buy it
I stock up on this because it’s very effective. I love the taste and how it warms your body up when your sick. Best for sipping while hot. If your thinking of trying it do so!
Helps alot
I was sick with COVID-19 recently and this medicine lessened the severity of my symptoms. It really helped with the congestion, cough and body aches.
Love it!
This medicine works pretty well. Its not going to completely take away your symptoms, but it makes them bareable. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is feeling down in the dumps.
Works fast
I have used this when I feel my really bad colds coming on and I can honestly say that it works really quickly. I love that it really works on all the symptoms at once. I recommend everyone give this a try.
Not for Me
I used this medication for over a week, and I did not get rid of my flu or improve my symptoms. I can not recommend at this time although it worked for me years ago. It is just not for me.
Works well!
This is my go to product when I am feeling under the weather due to a cold or the flu. I always feel better a short time after drinking.
Thera flu
This med worked ok. It wasn’t my favorite go to for a cold tho.
Heck yeah!
Worked well on my husband. He didn't mind taking it and didn't complain about the taste. This product seemed to have worked rather quickly on him. We will definitely use it again.
Works fast
After having COVID then shortly after catching the flu. This stuff was a life saver! I’ve tried many products in the past that just seemed like a waste of money cuz it never helped in the slightest way. This product helps my symptoms within a half hour. Will definitely be on my list if needed again!
Works Great!
In December, I returned from a much needed vacation only to get a cold (not COVID). While it wasn't the worst cold I've ever had, I definitely needed some relief and sent my husband to the store and he returned with TheraFlu. I have a high tolerance to medication in general and generally speaking, OTC cold medications don't usually do much for me, but this definitely helped with my symptoms. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with a cold!
Love t hi is product.. easy to take..,very fast response makes you feel better so fast.. it’s a must have
Works great for cold and sinus symptoms
This products works great to help with cold & sinus symptoms. You just need to make sure you drink it while it’s hot
Theraflu does it RIGHT !
l have tried Theraflu and I am very happy with Theraflu results! It relieved me of my pain and lethargy!

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