4.8 5 0 210 210 Diviértete con las bolsas FUN DIP originales LIK-M-AID. Con los juegos incluidos en el interior, esto hace que sea un artículo para regalar o un relleno para las medias navideñas en los días festivos. • Incluye Lik-M-Aid FUN DIP en Cereza Yum Diddly Dip y Manzana Razz Magic Dip con un palo comestible. • Excelente relleno de medias navideñas • Sin sabores artificiales
Caramelo Navideño Fun Book Cereza Yum Diddly Dip y Manzana Razz Magic de Fun Dip
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Christmas Fun dip
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my blood sugar. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. Christmas fun duip
My kids and husband love fun dip! It's so convenient to buy these bundle packs of variety!
Childhood favorite
I ate these as a kid and still eat them when I can find them. I let my daughter try it and she loves it. The powder has a sweet and taste, The stick is just delicious.
Nostalgic fun.
I used to eat these as a kid and now my kid loves them! It brings back many memories of simpler times. The flavors are delicious as always.
Lifelong fan
I loved Fundip when I was a kid and now my kids are enjoying it the same as I did. They got this in the Christmas stocking and are loving their newfound candy. Great flavors!
Dip razzapple dip
I love this product so much! I never tried this type before, but willing to give it a try. The fact that it has great filling made it better. I did not expect it to be the right level of sweetness.
fun dip
bought this for daughter's class. all the kids loved them. even had extra and my kids loved. I liked it came as a bundle (more then 1). no improvements. yes I would recommend.
Me encanta
Es un producto que suelo comprar a mos hijos en todas las epocas del año, sin embargo para ellos es super especial cuando llega la epoca navideña ñ, asi qie siempre me estan recorfsando no olvidar comprar su fun dip.
Son riquísimos
Productos deliciosos me encantan un dulce riquísimo
Estan ricos a mis hijos les gusto mS las de cherry
Kids love it.
Wonderful treat for kids, and adults also! We usually buy extra because my kids love them. The flavors was amazing and enough to share with friends and family. I would recommend.
Great for Christmas
This particular fun dip product I found out in the stores around Christmas. I gifted it along with other items to a family member. She absolutely loved the different flavors of fun dip. It is a bit messy for younger children, and keep in mind the candy stick can easily break.
Love love love
Fun Dip definitely takes me back to when I was younger. The sour balanced with the flavor of the stick is just perfection. I think if there can be a way for it to not be as messy that would we great!
Perfect for gift toppers
Who doesn’t love fun dip? I put them on top of every gift for to/from labels (with a little sweetness) :)
Yummy candy!
I love these and have recently let my kids try these as well! They love them too and keep trying to devour the box so that's definitely a yes in their book. I love the many different flavors they come in as well!

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