4.8 5 0 147 147 Swedish Fish son los caramelos con forma de pez número uno del mundo, pero estos caramelos tiernos y masticables tienen forma de corazón, perfectos para San Valentín.
Caramelos blandos y masticables en forma de corazones para San Valentín de Swedish Fish
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I really liked the fish hearts at Valentines day. It was nice having them.
Love Them
These swedish fish hearts are tasty and they don't get stuck in your teeth like other similar candy.
Valentiney fish!!
My kids love Swedish fish and when I saw the sweetish fish hearts I knew I had to get them for the kids for their valentine treat! They were so happy and they are everything you come to expect from the Swedish Fish brand!
Love this
One of my favorite candy growing up and everywhere I go I have to have these in my car
Wonderful treat
Love these hearts, taste great. They are soft and chewy. Can be addicting.
Valentines soft chewy fish
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my blood sugar. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. Fish chewy
The best!
I have always loved Swedish Fish! Since I was a kid, the unique flavor, shape, and consistence of this candy had me hooked!
swedish fish hearts
I Love them, soft and chewy with lots of flavor, yum
I love Swedish Fish!
I love regular Swedish Fish and the Swedish Fish Hearts are awesome! Same great flavor, same great texture! I think you should make Swedish Fish for every Holiday!
Gummy yummy
I bought these for my hubby for Valentine’s Day and he loved them. Swedish fish are his favorite and these are the same candy we know and love, just cuter because they’re festive
No matter what shape or size Swedish Fish come in, they are delicious.
Swedish Fish
I love this product so much! I never tried this type before, but willing to give it a try. The fact that it has great filling made it better. I did not expect it to be the right level of sweetness.
Not a big fan
I'm not a big fan of the Swedish Fish Hearts. I love the original Swedish Fish, but these ones just don't live up to the expectations I was hoping for. The texture feels weird, and they don't taste quite as good at the regular ones. They also seem smaller than the original fish, which I feel like in turn makes you end up eating more of them.
les recomiedo son muy deliciosas para nuestro pequenos de la casa querica
Am buy again and again
This candys is delicious my kids and me am buy am recomended with my family

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