Caramelos blandos y masticables en forma de corazones para San Valentín de Swedish Fish

4.8 5 0 176 176 Swedish Fish son los caramelos con forma de pez número uno del mundo, pero estos caramelos tiernos y masticables tienen forma de corazón, perfectos para San Valentín.
Caramelos blandos y masticables en forma de corazones para San Valentín de Swedish Fish


Just as good in a different shape
If you love the fish design then you will love these little hearts. They taste exactly like the orginials but in little heart shapes and I find them easier to eat, just pop them in by the handful
swedish fish hearts
if you love swedish fish you will find these as good
Same great fish!
I love the Swedish fish and sometimes when you try a favorite candy in a special shape or size it taste different but not the fish! They have the same great taste just in a cute shape!
The Heart Of The Matter!
No matter the shape, with the name Swedish Fish you can't go wrong! The color, the texture, the flavor all the best in a compact popable heart shape!
Swedish Fish Hearts
Swedish Fish Hearts are just as tasty as the regular Swedish Fish but are more bite size and shaped like hearts not fish. We all love Swedish Fish products and like getting them in different sizes.
I love Swedish Fish! These have the original taste in a fun themed shape. I think they are great!
Heart Shaped Swedish Fish Gummy’s
Not a big fan of the taste of them. Kids seem to like them though.
Swedish Fish are a childhood favorite
My dad used to bring Swedish Fish home as a surprise. I was so excited to find the Valentine Hearts. They were so good the bag did not even make it home. We ate them in the car.
Takes me back to my childhood!
When I tried these it reminded me of my childhood. The taste and texture was perfect and gave me a sweetness overload as expected. Definitely one of my all time favorite treats!
This candy is the best we love the flavor and I get them for my comfy food highly recommend love them
Same great taste
Swedish Fish Hearts Valentines Soft & Chewy Candy taste just like Swedish fish, but now come in a heart shape which I find to be just so cute. They are perfect for giving as a gift or for having on hand for a nice little sweet snack. They are also great for parties when you are allowed to have gatherings again. The kiddos love these and are always asking for them. You can give to the kiddos as a snack at night, during the day or pack in their lunch. They make good rewards for the kiddos when they get good grades. They are perfect for anytime anywhere. They are even good for the adults with a sweet tooth.
so good
This is great, the same wonderful Swedish fish taste, in a heart shape. It's perfect to give to all my Valentines!!
Swedish fish
They were very sweet and full of flavor. Liked that they were small also.
Delicious Fishes!!
Swedish fish are always a favorite in our home and these heart shaped candies are perfect! Great taste, great price, and an all time favorite make these the perfect munchies choice in our busy home.
Swedish Fish, came out for Valentines
Just had to buy these for my youngest. She loves Swedish fish. Now I'm not a gummy fan but she is. So being the good mom I am, she got some for Valentines. The box was gone pretty quickly. Definitely recommend

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