3.9 5 0 57 57 ¿Truco.... o trato? Los Caramelos Zombie para Noche de Brujas de SKITTLES son una mezcla de deliciosas piezas de caramelo con sabor a frutas, ¡y con sabor a zombies podridos! Nunca sabes lo que vas a terminar comiendo, y ahí está la diversión. Cada bolsa contiene una mezcla de melón momificado, cereza monstruosa, cereza negra helada, ponche de cítricos petrificante, bayas rojas sanguinas y algunos caramelos ocultos con sabor a zombies podridos. ¡Un podrido sabor a zombie puede estar escondido detrás de cualquier caramelo de color! Haz que la noche de las travesuras se llene de travesuras cuando traigas estos divertidos caramelos para compartir con tus amigos. ¡Te retamos a que pruebes un puñado!
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The Zombie Skittles were an okay buy. Besides the Zombie Skittle, they are great in taste. I loved the idea for a game to play with the kids. And the look on their face when they got a zombie Skittle made it worth the buy. To be brutally honest, I'd probably buy again just to prank the kids.
Skittle Zombie
I’ve always enjoyed skittles but these aren’t as good as the other ones I didn’t enjoy the flavor as much as the regular but still very good I feel that if you like Skittles it’s good to try because they’re not that bad :)
Zombie Skittles
It was fun to try but when you got the Rotten Zombie flavor... YUCK! I don’t think I would buy these again. It’s fun to pass out for Halloween but I wouldn’t just eat them myself.
I didnt care too much about these the taste seem to not be too good
Not good
Not very good and kids would hate this product. It tasted like puke.
Skittle surprise
Skittles Zombie Halloween edition had a blast of different flavors. It was a okay for the oddly named candies. Great for a Halloween trick or treat game. My children really liked them as well.
My kids love everything about skittles, these were a favorite for my kids. I made sure to pack them with lunch for the day for both of my kids. They said the taste is excellent!
just like the jelly bellies
I have mixed emotions about this products. the ones that are rotten zombie taste straight up like fish. not about all that.
Not that good
Skittles are my favorite! These however only one of my kids liked them. The flavor was kind of topical which I liked but they left a horrible after taste. My other two girls and husband did not like them.
Zombie flavor is so gross!
I love the new flavors with these but the nasty zombie flavor is beyond disgusting! I’m literally scared to eat any of them because I don’t want to get the zombie one. The kids loved them though!
Yummy and fun
I love skittles anyway but this product was a fun twist on an already yummy candy.
Crazy taste
The flavor is ramdom, everything comes mixed and you don't know when the zombie flavor will touch you. The additional flavors are very good.
Strange taste
When I first tried these zombie skittles, I thought they would taste like the tropical flavored skittles or some other assortment,but they are more like the Harry Potter Jelly beans. They have a strange taste. But I think that is their purpose. I wouldn't buy them again,unfortunately.
Kids loved it
This is a more entertaining colorful bag of skittles in the eyes of children. The kids loved it for Halloween. It was a big hit.
Skittles always are delicious but......
Okay I was enjoying those Skittles until I came across the zombie one. When that happened I turned on the lights and started reading the bag trying to figure out what the flavors were and what God awful flavor I had just ate. Upon reading I then learned of the zombie skittle. I never really notice what kind of skittles I’m buying because they’re all delicious, but that zombie one was nasty!

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