Cat Food Value Pack Seafood Medley

4.9 5 0 1113 1113 Tienta a tu gatito con el delicioso sabor y la atractiva textura de Temptations Seafood Medley Flavor Cat Treats. Estas pequeñas recompensas únicas en forma de bolsillo tienen un exterior crujiente irresistible y un interior suave y cremoso con los sabrosos sabores de mariscos. Estas golosinas Temptations son 100% nutricionalmente completas y equilibradas para gatos adultos y tienen poco menos de 2 calorías por pieza. Alimente de 10 a 12 golosinas por cada 10 libras de gato diariamente como golosina o refrigerio. Si se alimenta como comida principal, 1/4 de taza de Temptations Treats for Cats puede reemplazar 1/4 de taza de Whiskas Meaty Selections Food for Cats. Proporcione agua po--fresca en todo momento. ©Mars, Incorporado
Cat Food Value Pack Seafood Medley


Temptations cat treats
My cat loves these treats. It's all I buy for him. They are not and don't seem to be greasy or petrified like rocks. They stay fresh. And I love giving him his treats. He knows when it's treat time and comes and gets me or comes over to me and stretches up with his left front arm and paw stretch out and says Meowma, meowma, and I loom at him and say oh is it time for treats? And he talks to me meow, mow, mow ma. Too smart and adorable. Temptations are the healthier choices for him and he lives them. Priced just right for anybody budget too.
Good Madness
My daughter brought home a cat with her from college this summer. We are dog lovers and needed to make nice with the newest member of our family. Let me say Miss Dolly goes MAD over these she even has tried to knock them over for more treats she loves them!
cat treats
we buy these every month our cat loves them .i would love some coupons if you offer them .
My cat Loves temptations! When I get home from grocery store she goes to every bag smelling tell she finds her treats , they must taste good.
Cat approved
My two new cats go crazy for these treats. The second I get the package and open it it’s like they can smell it from the other room and come running. They’re the perfect size for my cats and a good snack.
My cat lovers her "Munchies"
This was my cat's favorite snack, in fact you won't eat any other flavor or brand. I have called them "munchies" to her ever since she was a kitten. When she was allowed to go outside in the evenings, the way I would call her in was to open the back door and shout "Munchies" and she would come running. As she got older, she wasn't allowed outside anymore, so she started sitting on my dresser and meow then boop me with her paw when I walked in the room to remind me about her munchies. She crossed the "Rainbow Bridge" a few years ago and I still expect her to be there when I walk in my bedroom.
Temptations cat treats
My 2 cats love these treats. Chicken is their favorite but they love these, all flavors! Definitely recommend.
Best treats ever!
I have 3 cats and a kitten and they love temptations treats. They hear me open the container and come running, and always want more. I would recommend to everyone that has cats
My cat is hooked
My cat has not missed a day were he wakes me up in the morning with excitement for me to give him his treats to start the day, these treats do not produce a strong type of oder so the first thing you smell as you wake up isn't seafood I do wish that their was some sort of variety box were their is some sort of half and half.
My cats go CRAZY for these treats!
I like these because my cat's love them. They get so excited every night and will NOT let me forget to give them some. I like that they don't stink. It would be great if they offered a temptations flavor that had meat as an ingredient.
Great cat snack
My cats absolutely love these in every flavor. All I have to do is shake the container and both of my cats come running. These are little and perfect or kittens and full grown cats. Great little reward treats for them. I wouldn't change anything! Great prices as well.
My cats beg for them
When it comes to these you would think my cats are dogs the way they beg for them. My cats will meow at me till I give them some and next thing you know the container is empty.
I never received a sample I actually bought some I bought the chicken flavor My kittens and cats really loved it I will purchase this product again
Our cats love these snacks
My cats really enjoy Temptations. Every time they hear the container open, they come running. Now I haven't tried the product, but my cats have. (I had to have fun with your question, Have I tried this product)
Place food and step away
I have the true blended cat family. Due to covid I inherited 3 cats (ages 9 and 12) and 2 kittens. The one thing they have in common is they know that once a day they are going to get a treat and know the box and will line up for their treat!

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