4.7 5 0 85 85 Trate la caspa grave rápida y fácilmente con el champú para dermatitis anticaspa y antiseborreico Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength.
Champú anticaspa Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength
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Me encanta
Me deja el cabello manejable y el cuero cabelludo limpio y suave!
Efectivo para la caspa
Lo he usado y es muy bueno lo recomiendo para las caspas
My husband gets dry scalp in the winter. He uses this about twice a week and no more itchy dry scalp. His hair looks and smells great!
Keeps my Husband Flake Free
This product is effective. It keeps my husband Flake Free and did help me get mine back under control. I use it once in a while but my husband needs it almost daily. It works for us. The smell is not bad but nothing to drool over.
This is the best head and shoulders product I've tried yet.
Smooth hair, refreshed scalp
My scalp always gets dry when it gets cold, so I bought this product to reduce itching. I didn't expect it to become my favorite hair product. Not only did it solve my itchy scalp issues, but it leaves my hair feeling silky smooth. I would recommend this to anyone who needs help with dandruff or just wants their hair to feel the softest it has ever felt.
Loved it. Cleared away dandruff. Could see huge difference after one wash. I will use it again if needed and smells good also.
Hair products
This product worked wonders on my dry scalp I love it and it even smells good if you have an issue with dry scalp I would get this
Always works
I used to use this alot when my scalp would b very dry .I had flakes super bad. Usually one time using this fixed that scalp felt refreshed .smell is good not to chemical would definitely recommend
great producr
very good product will have to put it on my my shopping for next trip to the store
it works!
My husband uses this as needed and it really helps his scalp. It is not something he wants to use daily but when his scalp is getting itchy he uses it and it makes him feel better immediately so we definitely keep it around.
helps alot
My husband had been using this after he saw dandruff and it really helped with his dryness and itching . And the price is great for how big of a bottle you get
Only shampoo I use
I’ve been using this shampoo for years! It’s the only shampoo that works for my dandruff problem. I’ve tried them all even the most expensive ones...
Works but not as much as I want it too
I have severe dandruff, and have always had dandruff for as long as I can remember. Maybe it is my hair type but nothing ever seems to work for me. This shampoo works but only for one day. If a day passes and I do not wash my hair then my head gets super itchy. Maybe I need something stronger but head and shoulders is all that I use, because even though it isn't perfect it does help. I wish that the smell was better and that the formula didn't sting your eyes, but it does what it should, just isn't perfect.
i buy this for my husband when hes really stressed out it smells really bad but it works works after the twice wash or so its pretty much gone

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