Champú anticaspa Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength

4.7 5 0 231 231 Trate la caspa grave rápida y fácilmente con el champú para dermatitis anticaspa y antiseborreico Head & Shoulders Clinical Strength.
Champú anticaspa Head and Shoulders Clinical Strength


Works well
Head and shoulders works well for keeping my dandruff under control. My scalp isn’t as itchy or tender when consistently use the shampoo. It cleans my scalp but doesn’t make it feel dry or tight. It lathers nicely and cleans my hair well.
Best for dry scalp
I’m a huge fan of Head and Shoulders. When my scalp is in need of a refresher this is my go to. It helps knock out the dry scalp and gets me back to normal
Very good for dandruff control
This head and shoulders is really good at removing dandruff. We used it to control my Papaw's dandruff. It was really bad and he was quite pleased with the results he got. I've used it myself when my sebium production is out of control. I would recommend it for sure
Used as a kid
When I was younger I had bad dandruff and picked at it and made it worse. I loved this shampoo. It helped a lot with the itching and I felt like it helped get the dry skin off easy. Luckily now I don't need it, but I would recommend if you're struggling.
I love it
I have an issue with dandruff during certain times of the year and the only thing that seems to work and work fast is this product and it leave our scalp healthy and hair shiny. Will always purchase
It Works!
I used this about four years ago when I experienced sudden hair loss due to a thyroid issue. This condition resulted in terrible dandruff and not much was working. My dermatologist recommended this shampoo and it helped significantly. It does not smell good AT ALL, but I didn't care. I needed relief and that was provided with use. I definitely recommend.
Works but smells horrible
This is a really good shampoo for treating dandruff, however the smell is absolutely horrible, and it lasts forever. Even when I washed my hair with a different shampoo I could still smell it. So it has its benefits and it's cons.
I use this for my face
I don’t use this for my hair. I use this for my face. If your prone to getting acne then try this. When I use only this for my face wash, my face stays flawless. When I’ve tried other face washes, I will breakout. So I go back to this.
I always keep this brand of Head & Shoulders in my house. Me and my son have an issue with dandruff during certain times of the year and the only thing that seems to work and work fast is this product and it leave our scalp healthy and hair shiny. Will always purchase
Best dandruff care
Amazing price with simply soft scalp after use. Their scents are simple and fresh. Each time I find I have less dandruff and no more Itchy scalp after use. My daughter is a huge fan of it as well! Conditions well
Love the smell...
this shampoo ain't no joke it works wonders with flakes and dry scalp and also it lathers up really well and your hair is softer and manageable afterwards and the brand can be pricey but its worth the price of admission.
Excellent for dandruff control
This product is the only thing that works on controlling my son's dandruff and dry scalp problems! Excellent product!
Same as every dandruff shampoo
I have yet to find a dandruff shampoo that works for longer than 2 weeks. Overall, this is usually my go to dandruff shampoo because it leaves my scalp feeling clean, and it doesn’t leave a strange smell afterwards.
Good for Dandruff BUT...
This Clinical strength HEAD & SHOULDERS shampoo works OK for your Dandruff BUT you NEED to be a PATIENT PERSON, as it does take about 5--7 days to begin seeing it's results, but it DOES WORK! Now the DOWN SIDE of this particular it's DRYING ON YOUR HAIR, so I wld suggest USING A SEPERATE CONDITIONER. I did this and had GREAT RESULTS AFTERWARDS!
Good for dandruff, strong smell.
This is an excellent product for dandruff.. The only detail is its strong smell, my pillows and everything I touch smells like this shampoo.

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