4.5 5 0 144 144 Protege el color de tu cabello con el Champú Humectante Diario de Miel y Vitamina B sin Sulfato de Herbal Essences.
Champú de Miel y Vitamina B sin Sulfato de Herbal Essences
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This shampoo has got to be the best smelling I have ever used. Normally no one can smell my shampoo, but when I came to bed my husband said ohhhh you smell good. That is how I know it is good. I love the fact that it isn't just a shampoo, the one I bought was also a body wash, which was even nicer. It didn't dry my hair or my skin out, made everything super soft. I give this product 10/10.
loreal sulfate-free shampoo
I currently use this product and the rinse as well since I have a keratin process and I use it because it is a product without salt. It smells very good it makes a lot of foam without spending a lot I recommend it
Can’t get enough of this shampoo! I love all of the ones on this line. This one is great. But not my favorite on the line. I do recommend tho cause it’s light weight and smells great.
Love it
Great moisturizer that’s worth trying. I love this product line.
Super shampoo
First of all I love the smell of this shampoo!! Takes me back to simpler times. Shampoo leaves my hair shinny, and just enough moisturizer to keep hair soft and smooth. I have very thick hair and it gets the job done.
Herbal Essence
Herbal Essences Honey & Vitamin B Sulfate-Free Shampoo works very well
Honey shampoo
A very good product that works well for your hair. I would definatley recommend it to family and friends to try for themselves.
The Smell :)
The smell of this shampoo is amazing! It's just an relax moment to enjoy the shower.
It's alright.
It's not a life changing shampoo. It seemed to leave a weird residue behind no matter how vigorously I tried to wash it out. It also was a little drying. I picked it up just because it seemed to have good ingredients but there are better shampoos out there.
Herbal shampoo
I do love the smell but far as it staying with your hair all day it doesn't and it doesn't give it a shine it gives my hair a tangle so it's not good for me
Great Scent and Hydration
I am always looking for a great shampoos and after trying many right now I am loving Herbal Essences I have been struggling since the weather changed for so cold and my hair has been suffering until this came into my life. It smells so nice and has a nice scent to it when you use it. Over all it hydrates really well and I will repurchase it again!
I simply love this product! Smells heavenly and works beautifully.
Smells great
Love this shampoo leaves my hair soft, shiny and smelling amazing.
Love it
I have been using this shampoo for the best few weeks and I really like it, it does not make my hair oily and smells really good!
excellent product
really good product with a high quality , works perfect for me because i love the scense and my hair looks softener and shinny , really i can see the change on my hair using this shampoo

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