4.6 5 0 74 74 Aplasta los tonos cobrizos para tener un rubio increíble y brillante en un solo uso. Con pigmentos violeta y azul triturados, esta rica fórmula transforma instantáneamente incluso los tonos amarillos y anaranjados más obstinados en rubios increíbles y más brillantes.
Champú Morado Sheer Blonde Violet Crush de John Frieda®
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John Frieda Shampoo
John Frieda Sheer Blonde Violet Crush Purple Shampoo is the best shampoo to kick the brassy out of blonde hair. This product keeps the brassy out and let's the blonde shine. This product is worth the price and I definitely recommend using this product you will not be dissapointed.
Great product, okay smell
This purple shampoo offers a powerful punch when it comes to toning brassy hair. After only five minutes it reduces the brassiness by 20%. The smell needs to be updated as it is too powerful for most scents.
Blonde boost
I use this with my blonde highlights. I love it I use it every other shampoo. Since using the jon frieda blonde I've noticed my hair is blonder longer the bright fresh after color look stays around for a lot longer.
Great Shampoo
I loved this product, worked really good on my hair that’s really thin and straight, it helps a lot with the brassy blond, you can see the difference in each wash . I recommend it
I love love love this purple shampoo! Totally takes the icky brassy look out that I immensely hate. Helps give my hair that extra pop of blonde without the yellow tinge. I use this shampoo often (not everytime) it does not turn your hair purple like some. Which i have experienced. This is great and not overly expensive. Worth getting!
Kicks Brass!
With the lockdown, I have not been able to see my stylish and my colored hair got really brassy. Tried one brand and it did not help. A friend recommended this to me, and I was skeptical of how good it would work, but after 1 use, I saw the difference. I use it once or twice a week and my blonde looks awesome! The only down side is it does not provide the frizz control my curly hair needs.
Great smell & briter highlights
I really loved the scent & the brighter blonde it brought out in my highlights . i had no idea a purple colored shampoo or conditioner could bring out a brighter more vibrant blonde .. I recommend anyone who dies their hair blonde or bleaches blonde use this afterwards & atleadt 2-3 times a week ur results will be amazing. Make sure you dont use any color shampoo or conditioner on ur blonde highlights or you'll loose them . always use a purple shampoo or conditioner on ur blonde or you'll loose them ...
John frieda
Worked great took out all the brassy and yellow tones after having very light highlights done.
Amazing transformation
I actually just purchased this stuff a couple days ago after having a hair disaster. Stupid me thought it would be cool to bleach my naturally dark brown hair. So yeah, I ended up with orange hair. After several hours spent researching ways to reduce the ora
This was the perfect shampoo for me to use after I went full blonde! it kept my hair from being brassy and kept is so soft without weighting it down like other shampoos. I have always loved John Frieda products and this one is great!
love John Frieda because as someone with frizzy hair it really helps and makes it smooth and now or it to benefit blondes by keeping there hair from getting a bronze tone makes it even better.
Great purple shampoo for blondes
This shampoo really helps with the brassiness of my ash blond hair. I tend to pull red and this really helped keep that under control.
Blondes NEED this!
THis shampoo is PERFECT for when you cant get to the salon right away. It takes all the brassiness out of our hair instantly and revives it. Plus it smells so good and leaves your hair super soft.
See your stylist less often
Face it, as much as we LOVE our hair stylist it’s expensive to see them. I stretch my visits for color an additional two weeks by using color shampoo and conditioner! Make sure to let it sit in your hair while you shave in the shower for best results. With out this product my hair starts turning orange at four weeks.
Me gustó, yo realice un balayage en mi cabello hace tiempo y ya se empezaba a ver anaranjado y con este shampoo si logre que se viera más rubio de nuevo, el cambio no es extremo pero si se ve mejor

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