4.4 5 0 371 371 El Champú Seco de Batiste hace que instantáneamente su cabello luzca limpio y fresco con cuerpo y textura.
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Love in a bottle
I love this dry shampoo!! Not only does it smell great but it keeps my hair fresh and dry! I’m the type that washes my hair every other night because my scalp dries out when I wash it every night. So the days I don’t wash my hair I use this and it’s great! No one can even tell and it’s great cause I can style with it too.
I really love this product, as a mother of 2 I don't always have time to groom properly so this stuff makes me look a little better
Batiste dry shampoo
After deciding not to wash my natural curly hair every day, I figured I should give this product a try, and I was not really very happy with the result since it's very hard to contribute through your curly hair.
Batiste Dry Shampoo
I really like Batiste Dry Shampoo. After trying a few different brands of dry shampoo varying from drugstore to high-end, I can definitely say Batiste not only does the job of refreshing my hair for another day, but it also gives my hair a nice fresh scent to boot. Batiste is very reasonably priced & has a decent product offering of several different scents& even one specifically for brunettes like myself! Gotta LOVE a product/company that gives brunettes extra love! I would absolutely recommend this product. I have purchased Batiste several times & consider it my dry shampoo of preference.
The BEST dry shampoo!
I am a huge promoter for dry shampoo! I have tried many dry shampoos and this is definitely one of my favorites! I can spray it, leave it on for a few minutes, brush, and voila it refreshes my hair! Due to washing your hair everyday it ends up doing more damage then good, so using this dry shampoo makes my hair smell good and it says goodbye to dull, or greasy hair! I love a product that actually does what it says it will do and this product actually does!
My "Go-To" dry shampoo
I am so glad I gave this dry shampoo a go! It smells great and it gives my flat, straight hair a boost of volume. It doesn't weigh it down like many dry shampoos I have tried before. I highly recommend this as your new "go to"!
It’s Okay
I don’t like this product because it makes my hair feel heavy and sticky. Also leaves white in my hair.
Tried this product
I like this product. It's not like washing your hair but it's makes your hair smell good when it's needs to be fresh.
Works great
This dry shampoo works great! I use it at night and next day wake up and its perfect.
I like this dry shampoo. It's not the best for dark hair (most of them are not cause they leave a white residue) I like the smell and the feel of my hair and the price is good. Overall a very good product.
Have a job where I am often called in at the last minute for coverage. This usually happens as I'm hitting the gym or out for a hike. Quick shower but no time for the hair wash and style. Picked this up on a whim and love it. Really works to give my hair a fresh look when time isn't there.
I have to take care of my mom who has dementia and can no longer stand to have water on her head. This product has been a life saver for me, and her hair looks clean and smell nice
love it!
I have personally used this as well as my 2 teenage daughters. It's great on those days when you just don't have time for a full wash. It soaks up all the oil and adds a nice fragrance. Makes your hair look newly washed.
Smells nice
This is ok but for me it doesn't really do the trick. I hate the fact all the whiteness off the powders stick to my hair spend forever trying to rub it all in and in the end my hair still looks greasy.
Great for Colored Hair
I bought this when I had my hair colored to help the color stay longer. It was great. My hair felt clean, smelled great; didn't look oily. NOW, my hair is back to no treatments & it doesn't work the 100% it did when my hair was colored. I have oily hair & my hair will still look oily. This is just after less than 24 hrs. I marked down a star just bc it doesn't help us with oily hair. All others, it's the best I've tried. It's costly though.

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