Champú Seco con Fragancia Dulce de Batiste

4.4 5 0 549 549 El Champú Seco de Batiste hace que instantáneamente su cabello luzca limpio y fresco con cuerpo y textura.
Champú Seco con Fragancia Dulce de Batiste


Refreshes Hair Well
The only brand of dry hair shampoo I use is Batiste. They offer several different scents, and all are very pleasant. I prefer Original or Tropical scents, but all leave your hair smelling fantastic! Not to mention the product works well and leave hair feeling fresh on those days you can't find time to wash and dry your hair.
Good product
When I’m in need this is a good product to go to. I use several other dry shampoo brands and this is definitely on top of my list. Leaves hair smelling great and looking better then the day before
Go to
This is hands down my favorite hair spray. It leaves minimal white residue on my scalp, is easy to rub into the hair, and has amazing scents. I love this one, as it is very floral!
Love Bastiste- hate this smell
I am a fan of Bastiste Dry Hair Shampoo- It smells terrible. I use it on clean hair to build volume, but cannot stand the smell. I find this one also has a film to it, perhaps its the fragrance used.
Not the best
This leaves a weird residue in your hair and made my hair feel stiff as if I had put hairspray in. Easy to use but not a fan of this product.
Love this product!
Out of all the dry shampoos I have tried this is by far the best one! I have very oily hair so dry shampoo is a must. This instantly refreshed my hair without drying it out and has an amazing scent. Would highly recommend!
Tried a few
For the most part it’s an okay product, can leave white residue but we enjoy the variety of scents and price point
Fragrant and Effective!
I'm a curly girl, and this dry shampoo is amazing. It helped to strip the extra product from my hair and make it easier to restore my curls without a whole wash day routine. It smells SO PRETTY! The scent sticks to your hair for a while too.
Gold standard of dry shampoo!
I've tried so many different kinds of dry shampoo, but Batiste is the best! I should know, the hair atound my face looks greasy less than a day after washing. It instantly refreshes your hair without drying it out and leaves a lovely scent. Would highly recommend if you need a little help between washes!
Not for me
I've used several brands and this one is definitely not for me. The packaging is great and it smells good. I just didn't like how it made my hair feel. It didn't feel or look clean. It made my hair look dull.
Batiste dry shampoo
This bottle is so tall and pretty with all the flowers on the front. This product smells very good like a floral tone. I love that I can use this when I’m in a hurry and my hair will be less greasy and left looking clean. Definitely a go to product.
Not a fan
I tried this dry shampoo and found it smells good but made my head itch the rest of the day .I didn’t care for this shampoo at all I didn’t like the way it made my hair feel and I top of that the itch it caused . Would not recommend it .
A staple for your hair
I have tried other dry shampoos and always, always come back to batiste. It doesn’t leave any buildup or leave my hair feeling sticky. So many scents to choose from and you can’t beat the price!
one of the worst that ive tried
This is one of the worst ive ever tried. Its heavy and super powdery and made my hair feel way more dirty! It was gross feeling and it didnt look good either. i couldnt make this work for me and ended up having to wash it out. the very next day my scalp was itchy and dry and its a hard NO from me and i wont be recommending this to anyone! go buy youself the Amkia thats a beautiful dry shampoo
best dry shampoo!
The Batiste dry shampoos are truly the best! They keep my hair oil free and give me the subtle natural volume. I can go even 5 days between hair washes. I love the variety of scents. By far my favorite scent is winter wonderland but I don't think they sell that one anymore. :/

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