4.8 5 0 33 33 Champú seco voluminizador que refresca el cabello. Infundido con avena, romero, menta y pepino, este champú que se seca rápidamente de inspiración agrícola añade volumen.
Champú Seco con Mezcla de Vegetales Frescos de Aveeno®
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Best dry shampoo!!
I've always had bad luck with dry shampoo. I hated the aerosol cans, as I never felt like any worked well for my hair, and they always ran out too fast. Lush has won me over again with this formula! If you've ever used baby powder in your hair as dry shampoo, the process is similar, but it smells SO MUCH BETTER! The smell doesn't really linger, but it does leave a fresh zest to your hair that always brightens my mood. Since I dyed my hair dark, I've always had problems with my hair looking greasy and oily, making me feel like I had to wash my hair daily, which in turn leaves my hair limp and lifeless. This dry shampoo has become my saving grace. It's not as messy as other reviews have made it out to be. My go-to route for application is sprinkling it directly to my roots, running my fingers through my scalp to distribute, flipping my head and repeating 2-3 times, then brushing it out! That's worked so far, and it has saved my poor hair!
Aveeno Greens Dry Shampoo
I loved the scent and the non-chslky formula of the Aveeno Greens Dry Shampoo. It was easy to use and lasted all day. For me, it lasted 8 hours. I have fine, blinde hair. I would've liked it to last 12 hours, ideally.
A Re-Freshingly Dryness
I've never really been a fan of dry shampoo because it can cause hair loss in some cases but this one is a great one to use on a monthly basis - if you are leaving and haven't gotten to shower or wash your hair.
no es mi peferido pero hace poco lo probe y me gusto bastante ya que mi cabello es graso y este shampoo hacer que se vea muy limpio sin necesidad de lavarlo me encanta y lo volveria a usar
Quality Dry Shampoo
I’m a fanatic of dry shampoo, I use it daily. To freshen up my hair that get oily quickly and also to add body and texture. I’ve tried many products from prestigious to drug store. This Aveeno dry shampoo is my favorite affordable product. It goes on white and absorbs oils well. It smells nice and lasts a while. If you have dark hair, my best advice to to spray your hair before bed, so that it’s absorbed in the morning.
Amazing product!
I am so stoked with this product upon purchasing this! Tried it on my hair and I definitely fell inlove with it! It smells great on hair and leaves it fresh and smells good all day!
Love it leaves ur hair soft shiny and bouncy smells fresh and clean
Aveeno® Fresh Greens Blend Dry Shampoo
I was a little apprehensive about a dry shampoo, but when I saw Aveeno had a new product, I had to try it. Best choice I’ve made in a long time. This stuff is so nice. Great hair, fresh smell and my hair looks terrific!
Likeee does exactly what it says to you hair plus great smell i love it
YES x100!
Love this dry shampoo. I use it when my hair just isn't looking good and needs a little more volume. Unlike other dry shampoos, this doesn't leave flakes that make my hair look even dirtier than prior to using it so I truly recommend this product. I haven't been able to find it in a lot of places but trust me its worth the hunt, you won't be disappointed.
So effective!
I consider myself a dry shampoo connoisseur. I have tried all different brands, scents, organic products, etc. This Aveeno dry shampoo is one of the best I've tried. It leaves my hair looking clean and feeling refreshed, with no white residue left behind. The scent is subtle, but very appealing as well.
Great product
Love to use and it was feel awesome and great for our hair
Best shampoo
Very good shampoo . This is my favourite shampoo. If u want soft hair then try this shampoo.very nice product.
This is my favorite dry shampoo. It does not wear your hair down and it smells fantastic
Salon looking hair
It makes my hair look clean and shiny. It does exactly what it says. I always put it on right after I wash and blow dry my hair. I don't wash my hair as often and stays cleaner longer.

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