Chi Wake + Fake Soothing Dry Shampoo

4.9 5 0 24 24 Este no es el típico champú seco, además de hacer que tu cabello se sienta fresco y limpio, el champú seco calmante Wake + Fake de CHI tiene propiedades calmantes y refrescantes para el cuero cabelludo.
Chi Wake + Fake Soothing Dry Shampoo


I love this product because I have dreadlocks so it keeps my hair from smelling like garbage. That it is absolutely fast and efficient especially for me. Yes I'd absolutely recommend it especially if you have dreadlocks.
Excellent Dry Shampoo
I have tried various Hair dry shampoo but this one gets my attention. I am very happy that I tried this dry shampoo. It cleans hair beautifully and leaves shiny smooth hair after every use. I would highly recommend this shampoo.
Finally something that works
Great product! I usually wind up finding the ones with the white powder spray, but this one was awesome! Love the smell. My hair gets really oily, so in between washing (once a week bc my hair gets really dry, I know, oily scalp and dry hair). I picked mine up from TJ maxx. Gleefully they will carry the same brand for figure purchase. But I like it for sure.
Chi wake +fake smoothing dry shampoo
This is the first time i tried dry shampoo and I love it! It really did clean my hair without weighing it down. It made it soft and shiney, and smells amazing!! I would definitely recommend it!!
Great texture enhancer
I like this dry shampoo. I have thinner hair so I use this the morning after showering and it adds to the texture to my hair making it look and feel fuller.
Soooo Good!
I love this dry shampoo! The spray itself is perfect, nice and even. Really does remove every bit of the dirt and oil from my hair and leaves it shiny and smelling great. Definitely recommend!
Love this dry shampoo!!!
I love this dry shampoo! It works really good! It smells good too. I love the volume I get from this dry shampoo. Some dry shampoos tend to weigh my hair down but this does not! I will definitely be buying more! I highly recommend!
CHI for the CHICAS
I recently came across the CHI Wake + Fake Soothing Dry Shampoo, while at the store. I decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did! Not only did it completely transform my dirty/oily/flat hair, into a full volume and cleansed look; but it also left my hair smelling amazing! I definitely recommend this product and will be purchasing another bottle soon as this one is gets low.     
An Unexpected Find
I came across this when I was looking for the same type of product but in a different brand. I've been using a Chi flat iron for over 29 years and, just like the flat iron, this dry shampoo did not disappoint!!!
Leaves hair smelling fresh
I use this product when I don’t have time to shower in the morning. It works great and leaves my hair smelling fresh. My oily scalp loves it! I highly recommend.
Blew My Mind!!!
I was so amazed by this dry shampoo! I did not think that this would work at all but WOW, I could not believe how it worked! My hair needed to be washed so bad, it was very oily and flat, I had not washed my hair in 3 days and when I sprayed this product on my hair, it was just like I had washed it with shampoo! Amazing!!! It only took a few seconds to spray in and my hair was completely refreshed!!!
Clean Feeling
This products leaves your hair feeling fresh and clean. It smells great!!
This stuff is awesome. ITs a great brand also really worth it
Great product
I love anything this company makes. Especially cause of the level of attention to the customer demands
Love this!
Such a good dry shampoo better than Batiste! Will definitely buy again! My hair hair gets oily even after one day of not washing, with this you can’t even tell!!

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