4.5 5 0 78 78 Coffee mate natural bliss® con crema de sabor a Leche de Avena y Vainilla le da un rico y delicioso sabor a vainilla a su taza de la mañana. Está hecho con leche de avena real, azúcar de caña y sabor a vainilla natural.
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Forever Oatmilk
I like trying new products but wasn’t sure at first about this one and boy am I glad I did.. it is simply delicious and I even crave it!
Great creamy milk alternative
I love that coffee mate makes affordable natural creamers, especially the milk alternatives! I am lactose intolerant and it can be hard to find creamers that taste good and are affordable. I would highly recommend the vanilla oak milk creamer, it's sweet, creamy and smooth!
I like this creamer, I love that it's non gmo. It makes coffee taste great
Not really my favorite
It was certainly worth a try, but I wouldn't buy it again. It didn't really have much flavor but I liked that they tried something new and different. Of course, some may just love it. You never know!
I thinkthis a good thing for cofee creamer. I really like the powerfulness of sweet
recently purchased this on a target run, it was amazing and exceed my expectations
Not my favorite.
I recently tried Coffee Mate natural Bliss vanilla Oat milk and I'm not a big fan of the flavor of the creamer. The consistency was a little thicker than I would prefer. Others may like but not a good fit for me and my family.
Best creamer by far
So, I’m a little sensitive to dairy products. I’ll indulge in pizza, but can’t stomach dairy creamers and milk. This product really tastes amazing, and it doesn’t bring fatigue as with dairy creamers!
This creamer is delicious!
I've tried lots of different creamers (dairy based, almond milk, etc) and this oat milk creamer is the best I've tried! The vanilla flavor is creamy and sweet, but not overpowering. It complements my morning coffee perfectly!
Wonderful in coffee
I am so in love with this oat milk creamer, it is a wonderful substitute for milk. It had a creamy texture that is just divine in coffee
Thank you for this product I enjoyed its rich flavoraful creamy taste in my moring coffee. Would purchase at any opportunity. The price is equal to lesser products of it kind.
Great taste
The taste is great by itself or with smoothies. Love it.
Oatmeal Natural Bliss Cramer
I really didn’t like the taste of this, but my husband does. So I guess we will be using different creamers for the house lol.
Nice product
Nice one.. Love to buy natural products now a days
Best Creamer Ever
This Natural Bliss Creamer is an amazing creamer alone and by far the best vegan creamer I have ever tried! Its all natural ingredients puts it above the rest! So creamy and rich it enhances tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Nothing comes close to it! A must have! I seriously love this creamer and have told all of my friends who also now love it!

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