4.6 5 0 44 44 Loción para diabéticos Skin Fast, alivio duradero, fuerza máxima anti-picazón.
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It helped
So far it has helped my dry skin patches. Day two and I like it so far.
Itchy skin
I get itchy between my toes, especially after I wear sandals, this helped stop the itch. I put it on then put clean socks on. No more itch.
I received Cortizone10 Psoriasis from Hometesterclub. I used it on my problem areas like my elbows and back of neck. It was not greasy and rubbed in easily. And by the time I rubbed it in I had releif from the itch.
Stops all irritation.
Helps with all irritation so far the best cream for itchy rashy dry skin. Works almost instantly by stopping the irritation and itching. Doesn't take too long to lessen if not remove all of the symptoms. I will highly recommend this product to everyone.
This product works great I suffer from gallbladder problems and right after that I get the hives and itching and right away this stops the itching
Works great
This product works great I get real bad gallbladder issues and right after that I have an attack I get the hives really bad and itching and everything and this takes care of it very very well
I love it
It really cleared up my dry skin and eczema i dont itch anymore , it doesnt burn when i try to put it on
Misquote bite
After I applied this product on a misquote bite it eventually worked. It took about 15 minutes for the itch to stop, but in the end worked. It could use an easy applicator for less of a mess. I would still recommend this product.
It relieves the itch without a bad smell
This is great if you have itchy skin. Whether it is from dry skin, insect bites, allergies , or anything else this will soothe the itch. What I really liked best was that it doesnt feel greasy nor have a strong medicinal smell. It goes on like lotion. A little goes a long way.
Works Great!
My husband suffers from eczema, as well as sensitive skin. We could not find any products that helped soothe and reduce his redness and inflammation, until he tried Cortisone. It works fast, and after using it the redness is gone. This is an amazing product, and can be used to treat so many things. I don’t know what we would do without it!
I buy this product and keep on hand incase my daughter has eczema flare up and we don't have her prescribed medication or it's to early for her refill it helps relieve the itch burning feeling for a short period of time
This was the only thing that worked on my daughter when she got some kind of rash on her arms.
My mother in law uses this product and shared it with me when I had some itching between my pinky toe. it provided great relief and itch never itched again.
This is a wonderful product to have in your first aid kit!!! Works great for anti-itch cream and wonderful for Diabetics!
Helps with neopathy a bit, it has always been a wonderful household product and it provides relief from not wanting to be touched too

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