4.3 5 0 12 12 Esta crema ganadora del premio Allure es un tratamiento corporal diario increíblemente nutritivo, pero de rápida absorción, que ayuda a restaurar y reponer las capas de la piel para lucir hidratado y radiante de pies a cabeza.
Crema corporal protectora + acivador de lipidos de Skinfix
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Great product
Skinfix Barrier+ Lipid-Boost Body Cream works amazing to give your skin the moisture that it needs without being greasy. I also like that it absorbs into the skin quickly for soft and smooth feeling that lasts all day long
Love it....cream for the queens... Best I've used in a while
I love this cream!
So I picked up the large jar (on sale). My daughter has extremely sensitive skin as well as eczema. We also live in Upstate NY where we have long, cold and dry winters that are very rough on the skin (dry, flaky and itchy). Honestly, I absouletly LOVE this cream! It definitely helps with the eczema and it loads your skin with hydration. A small amount of cream goes a long way, so the jar lasts a while. It isn't greasy and doesn't transfer to clothes. It also quickly absorbs which is supprising for how thick it is. This is truly a great cream. Also, I really appreciate how clean this cream is! It contains none of the "dangerous or harmful" ingredients that so many other creams have. I have also read that this is a 100% vegan cream as well. If you have skin issues or just love having beautiful, healthy skin then treat yourself to a jar!
Really hydrates
Love this product I have really dry skin, at times very ashy but not when I use Skinfix Barrier+Lipid-Boost Body Cream. It works wonders I highly recommend this product to everyone
good for dry skin
I tried it before and I liked it, for my dry skin this is very good moisturizer
use under another moisturizer
I’ve used about half the bottle of this so far, and been really impressed! Firstly, I would not use this as a moisturizer replacement. This is a serum. I layer it over other essences and under a heavier moisturizer. So far I’ve been impressed. I have extremely dry/dehydrated skin and since adding this step into my routine my skin seems calmer and more moisturized. I would definitely repurchase.
Love the product, love the way it makes my skin feel
Very nice
I’ve used this cream for about a month now, and it has made a significant difference in the condition of my skin. Not only will I repurchase, but will look at the companion products as well. Extremely satisfied!
Its ok
i will not separate the house from you have a sensitive face helped my daughter be able and have a sensitive skin test cleared of her skin and the next thing she was good for me and kept in the shower for the last time
I really love this product because they took their time selecting the best ingredients and it really works at moisturizing every area that is dry and sensitive.I really like this prouduct a lot.
Great Texture
This goes in smooth and was a lasting product. I really like this product and would recommend it to anyone
SKINFIX Barrier Body Cream
This body cream was better than had expected is it concentrated and does well at targeting hydration and dark circles as advertised plus reduces fine lines around the eyes and reduces puffiness but is a little grease

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