Crema de café azucarada sin azúcar Nutpods paquete de 3 variedades

4 5 0 17 17 <li> Sabor sin azúcar: si desea el dulce y rico sabor de la vainilla francesa, el caramelo y la crema dulce sin todo el azúcar, le damos la bienvenida a la línea de cremas de café perfectamente endulzadas con nueces. </li> <li> Menos calorías: las cremas endulzadas con nuez vaina tienen solo 5 calorías y cero gramos de azúcar por porción elaboradas con nuestra mezcla clásica de almendras y coco ahora endulzadas naturalmente. </li> <li> Perfecto para Keto: las cremas endulzadas con nueces son perfectas para quienes siguen dietas Keto, WW, vegetarianas, sin lactosa y / o para diabéticos a base de plantas (veganas). Cero carbohidratos netos por porción y un índice glucémico bajo. </li> <li> Endulzado naturalmente: sin azúcar agregado, desarrollamos una mezcla única de stevia y eritritol que imita la sensación y el sabor del azúcar. </li> <li> Larga vida útil: viene en un paquete de recipientes estables en el estante de 11.2 oz que son perfectos para almacenar en la despensa hasta que se abran. </li>
Crema de café azucarada sin azúcar Nutpods paquete de 3 variedades


Coconut flavor dominates
I used this for several months until I found something I like better. The French Vanilla is good if you can't have sugar, it's a good substitute. But the coconut in it kind of overwhelms and it's not my favorite flavor. So I would recommend it but I don't use it anymore.
What is the big deal?
I see these all over social media like it's lifechanging and I ordered it because I wanted to see what the hype was about. Am I the only one that thinks these are disgusting. It's not flavorful at all , it tastes close to water. I mean yes it's a healthier option but I will be sticking to my coffee creamer because I need to enjoy that morning cup of coffee.
Nut Pods
I wish this had a stronger flavor. I like that it doesn't contain dairy, but, in my opinion, it lightens coffee. It really doesn't flavor coffee.
Nutpods Zero-Sugar Sweetened Coffee Creamer
I love the coffee creamer it so good and I love that it is zero suagar
Great keto creamer!
I have been keto on and off for a long time. This is a slightly thinner creamer with a light flavor.
Coffee fanatics..
Sweet and flavorful. Healthy and nutritious. No bad ingredients.
When you cant have dairy or sugar, this is wonderful!
When all other creamers have dairy or fructose, this one tastes good without the added stuff. I use Stevia to make it sweet.
great for coffee
I've tried the vanilla one and really liked it. Bonus that it's keto friendly too but it really is creamy and hits the spot - not thin, great texture and flavor.
I am writing this review on behalf of my wife. She loves Nut Pods. She uses this on her coffee. It is a little pricey but she absolutely loves it. Her favorite is French Vanilla but she likes the Sweet Cream and Caramel too.
not good
this stuff is not good way over powering with the fake suger
So in love with these
They are dairy free vegan plant based creamer which I'm a fan of.This sweetner version is also my new fav. Its sugar free as well which goes well with my keto diet too.
I have tried nut pods at my daughter's home and really enjoy using an alternative creamer. It is wonderful that Vegans now have a creamer that they can use without feeling anxious.
Nuts about it
I loved it. Its smooth and creamy and blends in well in coffee and tea.
Good creamer substitutes
I bought this variety pack to try different flavors instead of buying the large container. Even though it says no sugar, it still tastes a little sweet to my liking. The one I like most is the french vanilla, as this is the least sweet. Overall, it is a great dairy creamer substitute.
nice dairy-free creamer
I have personally tried the french vanilla flavor and thought it was a good option when looking for dairy-free creamer. I do prefer unsweetened to avoid excess sugar, and the newer nut pods unsweetened line is a fantastic dairy-free unsweetened creamer! They are more affordable than some other dairy-free brands, but keep in mind that they are not going to be comparable flavor-wise to regular sweetened coffee creamers if that is what you're used to.

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