Crema de secado al viento de OGX Golden Tumeric

4.7 5 0 83 83 SUPERA AL CALOR Elimina el daño producido por la exposición al calor. Refuerza tu cabello con la Crema de secado al viento de OGX Golden Tumeric. Masajéala en tu cabello y deja que se seque naturalmente para obtener un estilo suave y sin frizz, todo sin necesidad de secador.
Crema de secado al viento de OGX Golden Tumeric


OGX Golden Tumeric Air-Dry Cream
I am in LOVE with OGX Golden Tumeric Air-Dry Cream!!! It left my hair with gorgeous wavey curls without any frizz!!!My hair looked so shiney and felt so soft! I am definitely a customer for life!!!
I'm in love with this product!
Pretty nice product. Keeps my curls defined. It leaves my hair very soft and less frizzy. I mainly do it at night. I will definitely be getting this product again. The smell isn't bad either, it's light but nice.
Tumeric air dry
I love these so much, especially since it helps with my hair. I actually never heard of this brand before until now. I did not really like the price, but still tried it anyways. Tumeric air dry
Its ok
Smells great but holy moly it is so greasy! It weighed my hair down so much with all of that grease and my hair was so oily the next day that i had to wash it out. I wouldnt try it again
so unique
it Eliminate styling heat damage and strengthen strands with OGX Turmeric Air-Dry Cream. Rub it in and let hair dry naturally for a smooth, frizz-free style without the heat. this is such a uniquer way to style hair
Best H2O Holder
I have thick beach curly hair. I love the smell and I love that my hair was frizz free and it look awesome all day. I bought this on a whim. Glad I did.
I happen to have read the reviews before buying this and decided to give it a try. It does not wofk as good on my daughter's fine hair as it did on my really thick hair. On my hair it worked exactly how described and i liked the smell. On my daughters hair it looked a bit greasy but i would and will be definitely using this.
Not as good
It doesn’t clean as good as I expected. Although, I love the smell of it. Very fresh and relaxing.
To greasy
This product feels to heavy in my hair, even if I only use a small amount it feels like it’s weight my curls down and makes my hair feel super greasy/oily I stopped using it, one the other hand my daughter tried it and she loves it.
OGX Golden Tumeric Air-Dry Cream
It Eliminates styling heat damage and strengthen strands with OGX Turmeric Air-Dry Cream. I Rub it in and let my hair dry naturally for a smooth, frizz-free style without the heat. . Amla extract from the sweet Indian gooseberry and coconut milk round out a creamy formula to help nourish my hair for the healthiest-looking strands possible
Loved it
My wife bought this for herself from walmart and she loved it. It smells nice and easy to use. After couple of uses, it makes the hair stronger. She uses hair straightener for hair and she was looking for something which protect her hair from heat and she found one for sure.
So good!
I started using this product awhile ago because of my split ends, and heat damage to my hair. I have really crazy curly hair, and love to straighten my hair. But it causes heat damage, and this product has helped me out so much!
Lovely Smell
I am a fan of the products of this brand and I must say that I love the moisture it brings to my hair. I like this new combination of ingredients. I have very long, wavy and frizzy hair and I have noticed a change in the Frizz even though I don't completely really love the scent it leaves on my hair
hair dry review
I love this and bought it because I read about the air dry. I work at night and sometimes I can't shower until after I leave work,so this product is great to use when I can't shower at night. It did not lave my hair greasy and it smelled great.
Me ayudo mucho previniendo la caída de mi cabello, olor espectacular y deja un brillo increíble en el cabello.

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