4 5 0 37 37 Presentamos la nueva crema depiladora nutritiva que se ocupa del vello facial indeseable para revelar suavidad duradera en cada uso.
Crema depiladora para el rostro Nair Nourish Skin Renewal
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Muy buena
La he usado y me encanta como te depila sin causar irritación
Not for sensitive skin!!!!
This stuff ate my skin up., left lesions and sloughed off some of my Skin.:( I still have scars left over. Do not use if you have sensitive skin!
Not Your Mom's Nair...
I havent tried Nair since I was a preteen way back when and I tried the original of my moms... I was not impressed back then and never gave it a 2nd thought.. I picked this up after running out of my fav lady parts shave creme and used it on my face and girly bits... no rash, no irritation and NO HAIR .. NONE!! It does have a hint of the ammonia smell but not bad and I have VERY sensitive skin and had ZERO reaction to this.. Highly Recommend and my shower has not been without a bottle since!
I love this it works really good on my face I will give it a 10,reccomend it to anyone
smells great and works!
most hair removal products tend to have a really strong ammonia-ish smell to them but this one had a nice baby powder scent. it also got rid of the peach fuzz on my face quite nicely and you dont even need to use a lot of it which is nice.
Skin was irritated
Product was too strong for my skin. Do not try if you have sensitive skin.
Nair nourish
I love the smoothness and the way it make my shin feel.. Also my hair tends to stay gone longer than when a shave.
Hair removal
I have tried several hair removal products. I used this on my face. My hair is soft and light. The first thing I noticed was the smell wasn't great but not as bad as others I've tried. It did remove a lot of hair but left patches of hair too. I tried it a couple more times thinking maybe I hadn't applied enough but got the same results. Also it was kinda harsh on my face I felt some burning but seems like all hair removal products do that to me. I had a few reddish patches and my face felt a little numb in places. But it wasn't too bad. Went away quickly afterwards in a couple hours or so. It might work better for others though I just seem to have similar results with all hair removal creams.
Removed the hair but left my face oily
This product definitely works for hair removal. Easy, smooth application, spreads evenly. Leave on for three minutes and rinse and the hair is gone. The only problem was that my face was left feeling oily for a couple of days afterwards and my skin is usually on the dry side. Other than this, great product.
Works as it should
Worked just fine for me. I've seen lots of bad reviews for this product, but it didn't burn or irritate my skin. Left it on for 5 minutes and removed all of the hair where applied. Doesn't smell or feel particularly pleasant, but it seemed gentler and less smelly than the older Nair products. My skin felt dry and a little tender afterward, but effects went away within a few hours and didn't leave any blotchiness. I for sure wouldn't leave it on for more than 5 minutes, though.
Burnt my skin
I used this to compare it to waxing. Not a good Idea. It burnt my skin. and I did use it as Recommended.
hair remover
i really like it works good and i love the fragance of it and i would recommand the product for everyone that wants to remove your hair quickly off your legs that is the inly place i have used it
Does the job
My husband got this and the one for legs,underarms and bikini area. I have Lupus SLE and have RA which can making shaving a horrible thing to attempt! The Nair works great doesn't stink horribly like it used to. Just be cautious if you have super sensitive skin.....if used frequently it can cause a painful chemical type burn on super sensitive skin like I have due to my Lupus. I love the super soft feel after using and for me it lasts a pretty long time before regrowth. Definitely recommend
Hair removal
Its really works tried other brands didn't work as well
A product that actually works
There’s a big market geared towards unwanted body hair, and I’ve definitely tried my share of products. I can safely say this is one that works. It doesn’t leave your skin irritated, and you don’t have to deal with the smell of burnt hair or razor burn. It’s easy to use and actually leaves your skin feeling smooth.

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