3.9 5 0 91 91 Trate bien tu piel con una fórmula para piel sensible que también funciona en la ducha. La crema depilatoria formulada para piel sensible de Nair incorpora aceite de coco 100% natural y vitamina E.
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Left me with a rash. Did remove hair. The smell is good. It is a bit messy.
It works..
It works but if you leave it on a little past the 8-10 minutes for coarse hair it starts to burn. It is easy to use but very messy.
Works great
I actually like using this Nair it’s really easy to use because I don’t have to worry about shaving with a razor with out cutting myself it also has an amazing smell to it I definitely recommend using this.
Uhm.. sensitive?
I tried it because after giving birth, i became really lazy to shaving my legs. I tried it just to see how it would work & unfortunately it didn’t work for me, it gave me a n allergy reaction :/ i got a litle rash (i only used a little on my skin just to try it) . Thank goodness i did that instead of my whole leg.. i would’ve freaked out. I ended up giving it to my sister since it works better for her.
Love it
I love the way it makes my legs so soft and it has a good smell
It worked ok
It seem to work best on longer hair, but for stubbies it don't seem to work as well.
Smooth finish, great for hard to shave spots
I like the finish, definitely gets your hard to shave spots.
Read the instructions and you’ll be fine
I dont use hair removal creams too regularly as they tend to dry my skin out but this one was fine actually. They all have a distinctive smell that is common with hair removal creams and nothing to put you off. You must read the instructions and if new to this do a test patch first. I have course growing hair but never leave this on longer than recommended and it generally works every time bar the odd hair. This left my legs pretty smooth with minimal tidy up for strays.
I like nair hair remover I wear glasses and it is so hard to see when you are trying to shave your legs and with nair I just apply and wait then get in the shower and my hair is off and I don't have to try and guess if the hair on my legs are gone or not
The easy way!
I realize some people might not be fans of using anything other than a razor or wax on their legs but, me? I dont have time for that. If it wasnt for nair- I don't know when I'd get to shaving. I love how I can apply it- shower and after a few minutes wipe it off and the result; nice silky smooth hairless legs!
Worked great.
This product left my skin feeling smooth and silky!
Bumps and hair
I tried this thinking oh it'll be great to not have to shave. Wrong, my dark hair was still there but broke out the back of my thighs. Never again
Nair Review
I have sensitive skin in certain areas and this product work very well with that. My skin felt soft and smooth after I applied.
Amazing product! Just remember to wash it completely off and don’t leave it on long.
I used this product in the past, and it was a nightmare. I followed the directions, and my legs ended up with chemical burns and a horrible rash.

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