3.9 5 0 91 91 Trate bien tu piel con una fórmula para piel sensible que también funciona en la ducha. La crema depilatoria formulada para piel sensible de Nair incorpora aceite de coco 100% natural y vitamina E.
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It's okay
This does the job as far as removing the hair but it still left me withsome painful unexplained bumps all over my legs.
This is way better then the original nair my skin is super sentive this one didn’t leave any redness
Hair shower powder
Very good hydrates your skin when showering leaving it looking smooth and radiant and just add lotion after the shower and you get a wow sensation and feeling and is easy to apply
Works, still smelly
This product does what it says it will do. I recommend not leaving on longer than the recommended 4 minutes on sensitive skin/areas. I tend to use it for underarms and legs and hair is removed easily when product is first opened. I've noticed the potency wears off if I am using the same bottle a couple of months later. The smell is nothing like the "old" days , but still isn't the most pleasant. The good thing is that it doesn't hang in the air for too long.
I liked this product alot, mainly because it doesn't have the typical "rotten eggs" Nair smell & it was gentle enough to use on my bikini line. I love the fact that it was gentle, but didn't still got the job done like Nair products are known for. I would purchase this product again!
Better than the previous version
After having a baby and needing to get rid of leg hair without shaving, I purchased this sensitive skin Nair product to use in the shower. Although it removed all the hair, my legs were not as silky smooth in comparison to when I get them waxed. However, since the smell is not overpowering, it did not irritate my skin, and the hair was removed, 4 stars. 5 stars if it didn’t feel like there was a little stubble after using.
Love this stuff makes my legs super soft and I don’t have to shave for a whole week and I have really long legs so that’s perfect for me
Didn't do the job
I was disappointed in this product. I used it as directed but it didn't leave my skin completely soft. I still had to go in with a razor.
Would not recommend
I wouldn't recommend using this product. not only did it burn my skin but it was irritated for a couple days. I think the formula is way too harsh for product that says sensitive.
Throw away your razors! This is not your mother’s Nair!
Before using this product, I had an extreme aversion to Nair due to the smell and burn of the formula 15+ years ago. I’m so glad I gave it another try because I am throwing away all of my razors! This product smells great, gave me no irritation, and left me with long lasting silky smooth legs! My skin is super soft, illuminated, and my skin tone looks more even. Even better, this process is so much more convenient and relaxing when compared to shaving! You can sit back and read a magazine while you wait the 10 minutes or, if you’re like me, continue cleaning and sending emails! This product is nothing like your mother’s Nair! Give it try!
4 stars
Definitely works really good , left my legs super smooth and soft. You have to get past the smell , very strong and not very pleasant .
Effective but smells bad
This product is very effective but the smell is unbearable. I would totally use it all the time if the smell wasn't so intense
It worked
I was not completely satisfied with this product simple for the smell the item had. It left an after use smell.
Its sensitive!
I used to love nair products until it started getting harsh for my skin and burning off my skin.. I was so excited when they came out with one for sensitive skin.
Love it!
Let me just start by saying I absolutely love not having to shave my legs, so I wanted to try this product very badly. It worked well, although I had to use quite a bit of it to get it to cut through all of my thick, long leg hair. Smell isn’t too bad surprisingly, I figured it would’ve smelt like chemicals but to my surprise it actually did have a hint of coconuts to it. I’ll be purchasing again!

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