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Crema hidratante y refrescante con aceite de coco Jergens Wet Skin
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Silky Smooth Skin
All I can think is, why didn't somebody invent this sooner? A lotion that you put on while your skin is still wet out of the shower and it absorbs in your skin!?! Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth! At first I was worried it would feel gross and I needed to dry off first but no, it leaves my skin feeling amazing! And it smells great too!
Soft Skin
Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer works great! You apply it as soon as you step out of the shower while your skin is still wet, and it dries quickly. It leaves your skin soft and smooth, without feeling greasy. I love the scent, and that it’s a product I can use every time I take a shower or bath. I would definitely recommend it if you suffer from dry skin and don’t like the way traditional lotions make your skin feel, or don’t absorb fast enough.
I purchased this last summer when I started using self tanners and laying out in the sun to help keep my skin moisturized and healthy. I love the convenience of this! Just take a shower and apply this afterwards while your skin is still wet.. it doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily or slimy. It left my skin feeling so soft and nourished! Love it!
Time saver
This product is a great time saver by moisturizing in the shower. The smell is pretty good but, doesn’t last very long. Does leave my skin feeling notably softer. Do be careful about rinsing your shower so you don’t fall.
can't live without it!
I've been addicted to this and in shower body lotion, the yellow one, since 2007. Best if the best right here since I hate regular lotion especially on but humid days. This stuff is a miracle
I love this wet skin lotion! Just pat dry and apply. It leaves my skin soooo soft!
Jergen's Wet Skin Coconut Lotion
I liked that I can use this right out of the shower, when my skin is still wet. I really enjoyed the coconut scent too. I've used Jergen's products off and on for years, so I figured it would work the same as the others I've tried. I had an issues with it absorbing and it made my skin a bit slippery, which I didn't care for.
Use every time I get out of the shower
When I’m too lazy to wait and dry off and apply lotion once I’m out of the shower this stuff is a awesome alternative. It’s fast to do and you can do it on wet skinX I absolutely love glow fast it dries and absorbs.
Smells good but...
I love the smell, but for someone like me that has really dry skin, I could not tell any improvement using this product.
Works Great!
This is non-greasy, smells great and a little goes a long way. It left my body moisturized & soft all day. It didn’t irritate my skin, and goes on well. I would recommend this, especially for for the price.
Smells great/not greasy
I really enjoyed this product. My skin felt nourished and the smell was very pleasant! Not strong and overbearing that gives you a headache but nice and fresh and clean. I’m not even a huge coconut fan but I love this product. Also, it does not leave my skin feeling greasy or clogged in any way! That is a huge perk in my opinion. Also, I used this product in the winter when my skin is its dryest and it held up nicely! A trial size came in a seasonal subscription box from a major retailer and that is how I learned about the product.
Great Concept
Love this idea. I just don’t really think this product works the greatest. What you are supposed to do is after you shower put the lotion on and rinse it off. The beauty of it is that you would not have to apply lotion. Did my skin feel soft maybe a little. It could be a something you need to get use to but I am not really a fan.
Very innovating
I really love the idea of this product so I was excited to give it a try. First when you get out of the water, whether that be shower or a bath or pool or lake, you should put lotion on immediately. It’s recommended that you put lotion on when you are still a little wet because the water droplets help absorb the lotion better and there’s less of a gap of dry skin. That helps your skin look more youthful and feel less tight. When your skin feels tight it is very dry. This is a very good value for the price. They have decent ingredients in them for hydration. Even though this is not the best high-quality stuff for your skin it is a very good innovative product that gets people thinking more about how to take care of their skin better and when to use these products.
It was just okay, not great for sensitive skin
I had high hopes for this product. I thought that it would help the rough, dry skin on my knees and elbows. It didn't help the driest of areas, but it did keep my not so dry skin nice and moist. Though it didn't last all day. Not great for my sensitive skin as I did have some irritation.
Supple and Soft
I love this stuff. This is the best lotion for anyone with dry skin. Easy to use and asorbs quickly. I love it cuz i can put it on faster than normal lotion and I'm more moisturized.

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