4.6 5 0 611 611 La fórmula de rápida absorción se combina con el agua sobre la piel húmeda para atrapar instantáneamente la hidratación.
Crema hidratante y refrescante con aceite de coco Jergens Wet Skin
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It's good
I enjoyed this especially while pregnant. It was easy to put on. I do enjoy nice as as well because you put it on then rinse off. This you don't rinse but I find it gets on your towels.
Perfect in a rush
This in-shower lotion is definitely quick and easy to use. On sopping skin, spread a small layer over the body and pay dry. It isn't as moisturising as a body butter, but it is great as a light summer lotion or a base before a thicker, more emollient cream in the winter. The scent is a light coconut fragrance that doesn't seem to stick around or interfere with my perfumes.
Wonderful feel
I love this in shower lotion. Since I bought this, I won't use anything else. Feels soo soft. Love my skin. Smells wonderful...
This lotion is so convenient and makes my shin super soft and supple it keeps my skin moisturized for hours and I really need that in the winter months plus I can do this right in the shower and not freeze to death outside the shower
Extra step/ soft skin
Its an extra step in the shower I had a hard time remembering, but when I did, my skin was definitely softer.
skin will love you
this stuff is amazing!!! the first time i tried it i was impressed. it leaves your skin so smooth and soft and refresh feeling. and it smells great.
A stand by product
This Jergen's lotion goes on after you're done showering/bathing while skin is still damp. The water helps lock the moisturizers in your skin. I love it! I usually always have some on hand and I use it after shaving too. It's quick, easy, and I love how silky my skin is after I use it. The scent is not too heavy and you don't need a lot of product at a time. A little goes a good way.
I love the formula its nice and thick and made my skin soft not much scent to it
My favorite
Leaves soon feeling smooth refreshed and the Shell is amazing
Leaves skin soft and gleming
This is an easy to use,convenient lotion that sinks in fast and leaves a lovely hydrated sheen.
Great product
This lotion is great!! I can use it right after I turn off my shower water and before I dry off. It goes over the top of the water and locks it in so the only place it has to go is into the skin. Moisture that lasts all day.
I have been using this for months and after I first tried I keep buying. It works great to get the moisture I need and they are not expensive. Just put on after you shower and towel dry off. It makes my skin feel so soft.
Love It!
This product was great! Sometimes it was hard to remember to apply while in the shower, but that’ll just take time. I love that all the steps of routine care can all be completed in one place!
This stuff is amazing! I had dry skin out of nowhere a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to get rid of it quickly! I tried this stuff and in just a couple of days the dry skin was gone. My favorite part about this product is that its so easy to use! You just put it on like body wash after you are done showering and pat dry! It also smells amazing so thats a plus!
Love this!
Quick, clean and easy. Love moisturizing in the shower, you can really feel it work as soon as you use it. Also you don’t need too much so it lasts

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