4.6 5 0 611 611 La fórmula de rápida absorción se combina con el agua sobre la piel húmeda para atrapar instantáneamente la hidratación.
Crema hidratante y refrescante con aceite de coco Jergens Wet Skin
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I absolutely love the Jergens in shower lotions! They are great because you can quickly apply them while you are still in the shower or right after depending on your preference. I personally like to do it at the end of my shower that way it is a lighter application of the product! This keeps you from being greasy while still being moisturized! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great, quick lotion!
Let's just say I'm not to fond of this product to me it makes me feel like I'm never going to dry off and it takes long to rub in
I absolutely love this product along with all of the other Jergens products I have tried. I can only say positive things about Jergens Wet Skin Refreshing Coconut Oil Moisturizer. It's affordable, it smells wonderful, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated, soft and smooth. You can still smell that wonderful refreshing scent hours later! Definitely would recommend this product to anyone who wants to feel pampered in their own home!!
I recently purchased this product and I'm in love how soft leaves my skin and it keeps moisture lock. I highly recommend to any one.
Love this! Even though you apply to wet skin, it absorbs fast and moisturizes like crazy. It smells really good too!
I did not like the scent of this lotion very much. And it was not much different from an ordinary lotion..
This moisturizer is amazing!!! It smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling so soft!!! Just put it on while you are wet after showering and wipe of as you dry off!!! It’s juat that simple
This product is pretty good for the price but you have to use it every day and it only last for so many hours.
Jergens Wet Moisturizer absorbs quickly and leaves my skin moisturized.
This lotion is absolutely amazing. I have pretty dry skin, but I hate (mostly I'm too lazy, sometimes I simply forget ) to apply lotion. And I hate the way that regular lotions feel on my skin. However this producg completely changed this. All you do is apply it to your wet skin right after shower and dry off with towel like normal. It is pleasant to apply, there is no greasy or oily feeling at all and added bonus, it smells amazing. My skin feels so much softer and smoother after applying it. I would definitely recommend this product.
I am unimpressed with this product. Gives my skin a 'glow' as any oil type product would and while easy and very convenient to apply, it does little to actually moisturize dry skin. I suppose it is good for when short on time, to prevent the appearance of dry skin but it is short lived falls short for me there too.
I saw an ad for the Jergens Wet Skin Refreshing Coconut Oil Moisturizer in a magazine and had to try it because of the coconut scent and the added bonus of applying moisturizer before drying off. I love the smell and it really does leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.No more need to apply body lotion after I dry off.
Love this product! It leaves my skin feeling smooth and fresh all day with no greasy film. Can't wait to get more!
Make sure you don’t dry off at all before using this! But this is so great and saves so much time. I’m on my 3rd bottle :-)
Jergens Wet Skin Refreshing Coconut Oil Moisturizer has such a great scent but also makes you skin feel really soft and smooth. Really impressed with this product and how great it works right out of the shower

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