4.5 5 0 213 213 Herbal Essences con bio: Renew devuelve la vida a su cabello en tan solo 21 días.
Crema reparadora Herbal Essences Bio: Renew con aceite de Argán de Marruecos
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Stuff is awesome
Stuff is awesome! Can’t Rave enough about this. Works like all the expensive stuff I’ve tried in the past, for half the price it’s perfect. I would definitely recommend for anyone
Worked GREAT
I had been searching with my wife, for something like this product for what seemed like forever. We were so happy to find this product. We just picked it one day at the store and decided to try it! We were very happy about the decision!
Absolutely love it
I got this for my sister and forgot to give it to her and I glad we both forgot because this stuff is great. I love the way this smells and i always catch the smell throughout the day. I also love how well this stuff helped my hair, it kept it smooth and tamed my crazy hair. I absolutely loved it
Hair Repair
I just love this product.Argan oil helps my frizz and damaged hair. Made with natural ingredients.
Pretty good for smoothing
The smell is great and it really does help smooth my hair. I like to use it on day #2 when I wear my hair straight because he helps to defrizz and smooth. It comes out of a pump. My only complaint is I think it gives you too much and it is hard to gauge the amount from the pump without wasting.
Smells Wonderful!
I love this product! The smell is wonderful and the product is light weight. It does not dry out your hair at all or make it feel gummy or sticky!
Herbal Essence Bio
Herbal Essence Bio is the best. The oils moraco will make your hair stronger with no frizz. I highly recommend this for us women.
Love it
Oh herbal essence you've done it again. Not only does this product smell absolutely amazing but it's light and not too heavy for even the thinnest hair styles. It gave my thin dry hair the life back that it so desperately needed. I also bought a bottle for my bestie it was so great.
best product
this right here smells so good i've tried this product twice and it made my hair feel so good guys and i did a style with this in my hair and it came out so good and it's not that expensive
Smells good
I love those for the summer smells so good in the works great😎
Nice replacement for previously used product that is no longer available. Pleasant smell. Doesn't weigh my hair down and does help with the frizz. I do normally use more product than is recommended because of hair length. I do purchase regularly.
Smells Good
I like this it smells good. I normally always put it in my hair after a shower to help keep my frizz down. It normally last all day night time it could use another doing but i dont wash my hair twice a day lol overall a good product
Best Curly Hair Hydrator!
I use this in my ten year old daughters hair after trying so many products for her incredibly thick and curly hair. Nothing worked, through masks, treatments, shampoos, sprays this is the only product that brought life and health back to her curls. Never sticky or weighed down just healthy soft hair. I also use this in my long wavy hair as a styling prep and it works amazing as well. So if you have tried everything try this it really does work for so many hair types!
Love Love Love this product! Leaves my hair feeling real smooth and doesn’t frizz. I bought it at Target but they no longer carry it so I’m looking elsewhere to find it. I have seen it on amazon though. A little goes a long way, and the product in the bottle lasts for a good amount of time (i have very long hair). An added bonus, it smells amazing!
Its amazing
I absolutely love this. I had some pretty unmanageable hair for the longest time due to it being super thick and snarly and this made it so I could run a brush through no problem. The more I used it the better my hair got and more healthy. I will continue to use this and am so glad I found it. I recommend it to anyone.

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